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$ 500,000 for Sytnik and a friend of the President's army. What the witness against Poroshenko №1 Dmitry Kryuchkov said today

The scandal under the conditional name "Power schemes Poroshenko-Kononenko", which included the nearest presidential and guarantor circle, could be even louder than previously thought.

Recall that on April 15, the former People's Deputy and head of "Electromechanics" Dmitry Kryuchkov, were extradited to Ukraine. NABU accuses of unlawful withdrawal from Zaporozheoblenergo about 1.4 billion hryvnia, and causing damage to the state of 346 million hryvnia.

Until recently, Krychukov was hiding in Germany, and from there he managed to tell the public a lot of interesting things. In particular, the country writes about schemes for withdrawing money from state-owned companies Centrenergo and Odessa port plants, which, according to Kryuchkov, were earned from the inner circle and the guarantor himself.

On April 17, the District Court Solomenski, according to the law, had to choose a preventive measure for Kryuchkov. In fact, no one expected any new sensations from this meeting. And, as it turned out, in vain.

Kryuchkov issued a new group of murderous incriminating evidence against people Poroshenko: a bribe for the head of NABU Sitnik and a presidential interest in Energomerezhi itself.

And that's not all, – assured the "Earth" accompanied by Kryuchkov (journalists were not allowed to come to him).

"He has not yet said everything about Kononenko and Poroshenko," Strani said.

Meanwhile, the State Security Bureau has already announced the start of a 500,000-dollar bribe-bust investigation headed by NABU Sitnik.

"The Earth" understood what Krychkov's new testimony means and whether they will become the basis for a lawsuit against Poroshenko's inner circle.

Old facts

The trial of Kryuchkov in Solomenskiy District Court of the capital on the morning of April 17 began nervously, but as expected. Under the court building, the materials appeared dozens of fast "activists" and young people with a characteristic appearance with "Hooks for jerks".

They tried to create a maximum sound effect, apparently trying to get the judge to close the courtroom. As a result, it was done so that many journalists could "travel" only for a short time at the meeting. The leader of the activists launched a campaign for Poroshenko in front of a crowd of observers, arguing that defendant Krychukov was a product of Yanukovych's criminal regime, and Zelenski, they say, is the same. At the same time, Krychukov, who at the same time was really a member of the Party of Regions (transferred from the BJT), made a career in Elektromerizza after the change of power and the victory of Petro Poroshenko's presidential election, which, of course, was mentioned.

To a certain point, what was happening under the courtroom was occupied even more than the meeting itself. Krychukow spoke himself (despite the presence in the hall of two lawyers – Aleksandar Lisak and Tatiana Kovaleva) spoke confidently, supporting the main theses with numerous documents that were sent right during the meeting. But he did not give new sensations – only the basic facts believe that his previous press interviews have already been known to the public. For, for example, that the nearest circle of President Poroshenko was involved in "Energomerezhy" schemes that "sew" for him.

And the real reason for opening the case against Kryuchkov is allegedly his refusal to transfer Igor Kononenko to the credit obligations of the people Igor Centroenergo for more than 1.3 billion hryvnia, which ultimately blocked the privatization of the company.

He also announced the disappearance of a number of cases and frauds. Reportedly, the outer unit behind him did not see Poroshenko's business partners who came to Krychkov, but the management of the titanium-titanium-magnesium plant (whose debts to "Zaporizhzhyaoblenergo", illegally awarded to "Energomorezhi" and became subject to investigation) ".

New sensations

But, as it turned out, Kryuchkov still had his knees in his sleeve. In particular, he stated that already after the NABU case was brought against him, he "surrendered to Sytnik an unauthorized payment of 500 thousand dollars" allegedly in return for assistance in his case. Simply put, he gave Steenik a bribe and documented this fact. According to him, criminal proceedings have already been initiated, which for some reason has not been returned to him, although, of course, Yuri Lutsenko is certainly aware of him in the public prosecutor's office in person.

Sensation number 2 is a possible confirmation for Poroshenko's personal participation in the "Electrometer" schemes. "In the company, only 25% belong to me, and the remaining 75% belong to an offshore company close to the president." Yuri Bugla knows what company he is. He is a friend of Petro Poroshenko's army, "said Kryuchkov.

He also added that Bugla came to him to give instructions on the operational management of "Energomezhezhe". By the way, Kononenko is also considered a "friend of the Poroshenko army".

RRG in the game and the prospect of new processes

In fact, even before the end of the court session, the reaction of police officers to at least one feeling from Kryuchkov – the bribe to Sytnik became known. Yuri Lutsenko's spokeswoman Larisa Sargan on her Facebook page wrote that "the RRTB launched an investigation before the trial in the criminal proceedings of 16 April 2019 for the fact that Kryukov and other unidentified persons received unauthorized benefits from the director of NAUBU Sitnik.

The facts expressed by Kryuchkov fall under Articles 369 and 368 of the Criminal Code. "The procedural leadership in the criminal procedure is carried out by the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. At the moment, priority investigative and procedural actions are carried out," wrote Larisa Saragan.

Interestingly, immediately after Kryuchkov's extradition, expert opinions on the consequences of the high profile process were distinguished.

"Krychukov is a key witness and can give valuable information to the investigation, I do not think he should have started talking before the elections and does not rule out that he can find dirt in the two candidates," explained economist Aleksei Kush.

According to him, now two groups of lobbyists are fighting in the energy sector. On the one hand, they are adherents of the Rotterdam Plus formula, which includes the companies of Rinat Akhmetov, as well as Tsenterengo (ie Kononenko and Poroshenko), who also earns on expensive electricity and coal. On the other – its opponents. The latter includes Igor Kolomojsky, who owns the Nikopol Ferroalloys factory and speculates that he is patron of presidential candidate Vladimir Zelenski.

"But it is also possible for some third powers to participate in this game, which will try to withdraw the compromising evidence for the candidates and show that there is something to cover and thus, forcing the new president to be more complicated, recognizes Kush.

As such third-party experts call politicians interested in forming a majority in the new parliament and nominating their prime minister. It is possible that this should be Vladimir Groeman.

"That is, we can get a grenade with an uncontrolled lesion," says Kush.

But some experts and lawyers were skeptical. They believed that no new witness number 1 would say, and, in fact, his exposure to genuine court cases against Poroshenko's escort is unlikely to end.

However, after the new series of sensations for Kryuchkov, the situation changed. At least, a new turnaround has been created in this business.

"The bribe to Sytnik can be a technical moment by the lawyers – for transferring the Kryuchkov case from NABU and RRT," said Rostislav Kravets, senior partner of the law firm Kravets and partners.

This can speed up the investigation. Indeed, in NABU, according to Kryuchkov himself, the materials of the case were "manipulated" – part of the compromising material secured by Poroshenko's escort was simply "lost".

"The head of the Interior Ministry, Arsen Avakov, who, as you know, is now playing against the incumbent president, has an increasing impact on the RRT, so the chances for Poroshenko's research and his circle are higher," the lawyers said.

Rostislav Kravets does not rule out that the actual lawsuits against current top officials of the country are possible under the new president. What facts will form their basis and what other names will sound largely depend on the new testimony of Dmitry Krychukov.

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