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1 – Miner 0: 2. Intrigue without intrigue ᐉ UA-Football

Compared to the canonical composition according to Paolo Phenecke, Matvienko, Antonio, Tete, Solomon and Kaido were based. It was not a sort of attempt to protect the pitch before the championship, how much the current situation with Pitman, who lost several players due to injuries and suspension in the middle of spring. The hosts also failed to count on all the strongest because of the damage, but the released squad can be called right now for Dmitry Mikhailenko optimal. In order not to overload personal information, we note only Arseny Batagov – the Dnieper-1 support zone was held by a 17-year-old man who managed to play only six matches in the Cup of Nations at the professional level, and also The first (Dnipro-1 IC) and the Second (Dnieper) leagues.

The fight somewhat resembles all Pittman's matches in the UPL against the six-day teams: Shakhtar controls the middle of the field, forcing the opponent to build cuts around his penalty area in the hope of a counterattack. And while SC entered the game, the guests managed to create two points: on the right and left half-wings. But in both cases, Pittman did not use his skills – Tet attacked the left "Nine" without resistance, and after a few minutes, Ismaili blamed the goalkeeper.

On this, in fact, all moments and ended up on the part of the two teams. "Dnieper-1" just reached the penalty spot Pyatov and was completely absorbed in protection. The home team saturated all the zones to the maximum, so that the loss of the ball was immediately compensated in a quantitative manner. And for such a development, "Miner" can only count on long shots.

The fastest end was inning, when Dnepr finally believed in himself and made several attacks. You can not say that they started, but, as is known, the bezrybe (0 strokes in the direction of the gate) and two consecutive angles at the gate of Fish Pyatov.

Dnieper-1 - Miner 0: 2. Intrigue without intrigue - picture 1

The Donetsk team added momentum after the break, but the SC was ready for such a turn. However, "Miner" has found more free zones to penetrate into the Dnipro strike, there was not only a blow that would not be blocked or fallen into the target.

"Dnieper-1", meanwhile, the pace is not forced, and by mid-half he came to nothing. Interestingly, it was in such a game that hosts hit their debut stroke in the direction of the front goal, which, however, proved to be statistics.

Every minute Dnipro left more room for the rival than the guests kindly used. Golman Klishuk, who replaced the injured Jurchuk within the injured Jurchuk, took the blow into Krivtsov's subspecies. But I could not deal with the blow from Denthinho after the cold solo passport and the filing of Solomon.

Mykhaylenko using his last substitute to strengthen the attack, but at least once to blow in the footage of the goal for the match his team failed. But the "miners" in the counterattack again scored a goal.

Dnipro-1 really did everything today for the current level. "Miner" let's not on one leg, but in the final of the Ukrainian Cup.

Dnieper. Stadium "Dnipro-Arena". 18 462 spectators
Judge: Igor Paskal (Kherson)
Helper: Alexander Kholodinski (Kharkiv region), Yevgeny Danilchenko (Lugansk)
SK Dnepr-1 – Shakhtar 0: 2
Purpose: Dentinho 86, Manor Solomon 90 + 4
SK Dnepr-1: Valery Jurchuk (Andrey Klishuk 69), Vladislav Shapoval, Vladimir Polevoy, Yuri Romanyuk, Sergey Loginov, Orest Kuzyk, Alexander Snizhko (Alexey Chichikov 88), Stanislav Kulish, Arseny Batagov (Igor Zagalsky 75), Igor Kogut, Maxim Lopyrenok
Shakhtar: Andrey Petrov, Sergey Krivtsov, Taras Stepanenko (David Hoholawa 90 + 2), Tyson, Olarenayuu Cayoide (Dentino 80), Tet (Wellington Nem 61), Manor Solomon, Nikolai Matvienko, Ismaili, Sergei Bolbat, Marcos Antonio
Warning: Igor Kogut 61

Photographs used by FC "Shakhtar"

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