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Кто Покинул Top model for Ukrainian 3 season at 8 выпуске

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At the Alla Kastromicheva Parish of Xpertertami, he was nominated as a karatist by Lvova Frinu Samarik and Lizu Beskrovnu

Double Flynn nominates stall first, and Lowe Lizen – still second in rank.

– These girlfriends break in for weeks and do not smack in the face, lamenting the loss of design, – Alla Kastromicheva's Novogo channel speaks. – The fry for two months do not learn how to cable, on the "Cosmosorb" on the first line of the word tresnuli. And Lisa's freaking out about a parade, after all. The result is a photo session devoted to silence.


The "Last Chance" is a long way off in terms of performance – helping to get rid of the card in the style of "abstract impressionism" of huge holstein. And a parallel photographer.

– There are no important decorative card or other humorous abilities, as well as aesthetic process, – says Kastromicheva. – ,отелось, чтобы все What turned over performance. These girls show their inner peace and help perpetuate feelings and emotions.

In addition Frina developed a Skinny half of a half brown cherry, and a half of a yellowish, frosty and frosty appearance. This girl hotel showcases the duality of its nature, which cannot be determined, whether it is light or dark – it is near. Lisa was wearing a round necklace, a neonate-crest, and was staring at her cheek, giggling as her colleagues projected.


"In principle, all the hard-working girls," said Alla Kastromicheva. – But at the same time concentrated on the performance of creatures, and secondly – on the harkom process and a khrotom shot. We have a very important insight into how to build model history, project history and provocative performance. And What a Smile Share Lisa.

In addition Frina Samarik corrected the home.


– Я She did not come alive, as she stopped the Novogo Channel project on Whatйs Sunday, – speaks Frina. – But Ashley Alla decided so, no one could change. Finally, a gritty rendition that never budges into whatever the atmosphere is. But for the time being it has become very common, it will help me to realize it.

Check out the latest "Top Ukrainian Models" at 19:00 on the Novom Canal

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