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Why is drinking juice unhealthy?

Cynthia Abad wrote in The Republic:

Did you know that the big glass of lemon juice you drink for breakfast every morning can hurt you more than you benefit? Although natural fruit juice contains vitamins and minerals, it can be very bad for your health!
A recent study published in September 2019 in Diabetes Care found that drinking more than 4 ounces, or half a glass, of 100 percent fruit juice a day is associated with a 16 percent higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

The fact is, drinking juice is not as healthy as eating whole fruits. But why? Here's what nutritionist Lisa Moskowitz of New York explained:

Lack of fiber
Regardless of all the vital vitamins in the juice, it lacks the essential nutrient known as fiber. From regulating digestion, to stabilizing blood sugar levels, to combating heart disease and some cancers, fiber has a wealth of health benefits. Unfortunately, the squeezing process takes away all of its fiber-containing parts. What makes it worse is that most people do not get enough daily fiber intake. According to a July 2016 article in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, only 5 percent of Americans consume enough fiber a day – 25g for women and 38g for men.

Less saturation
A glass of fruit juice does not silence hunger, as is the case with whole apples. This means that calorie intake does not guarantee the satiety of the calories our body can get when consumed. It is partly because the juice has no fiber that provides longer pleasure, but also because it does not bite loudly. The absence of chewing can often endanger the body, so it may not capture the same satiety factor without chewing and swallowing food. Moreover, times reduce the size of diets. When comparing whole lemon to the same size of this fruit at its age, a significant decrease can be observed. Even if you technically consume the same number of calories, you still find that you get a lot less. In addition, lemon can last for 5 minutes, but it only takes 5 seconds to drink the juice. Eating too fast can lead to less satisfaction and is also associated with a higher risk of obesity, according to a February 2018 study by BMJ Open.

Supply the body with a lot of sugar
Fruit juice contains much higher sugar concentrations than whole fruit. For example, a medium sized lemon contains 12 g of sugar, while a glass of lemon juice has 21 g. It is likely that you think lemon sugar is natural and therefore not harmful to health. In reality, however, the body cannot detect the difference between natural sugars in fruits and added sugars. The problem is that without healthy fibers to slow down the absorption of sugar, fruit juice can cause high blood sugar levels and even power outages. This result is negatively reflected, especially among diabetics, who must pay attention to blood sugar. In short, the best way to get healthy snacks is to eat whole fruits instead of drinking juice.

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