Sunday , April 18 2021

What do intelligence agents want from Arab countries?

Mashaal Abba al-Wadha: What do you want the intelligence intelligence organization of Arab countries?

From Meshal Aba Al Wada Al Harbie

Since 2011, Qatar's intelligence has been active in many Arab countries and has played an important role in the destruction of Arab countries and the spread of chaos in it, and moved from planning to descend on the ground. Intelligence agents have become the movement of demonstrations and terrorist groups and have played a role in the training of those related to terrorist groups. In Gaddafi's assassination in Libya and a plot to assassinate former Egyptian President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak in order not to reveal the secrets of intimidation of Egyptian prisons and the role of the Hamdin intelligence organization, and also plans to kill former Tunisian President Zain El Abidin Ben Ali, who tried to assassinate Masri Abdel Fattah al-Sisi more than once, but all of their attempts failed, so they did not find an alternative except to use an alternative plan, spreading rumors and lies to topple the Egyptian regime.

Hamidin's intelligence worked on Tunisia territory during the Renaissance rule and was present in Egypt during the ouster of ousted President Mohamed Morsi and they stole important Egyptian documents and transferred them to Qatar and has a case related to this issue the isolated Morsi and Brotherhood leaders with Qatar played a role in the first wave of Arab revolutions continue to play this role, which was planned for the second wave in Sudan and Algeria, and Qatar's intelligence is still active on battles territory and helps terrorists in Tripoli and conveyed dangerous terrorist leaders from Libya to Doha and Turkey, as well as with leaders of the Brotherhood Harbin of Egypt earlier.

These days, there are officers of Qatar's intelligence services in Sudan and Algeria that postpone any form of dialogue between people and the transitional government either in Algeria or in the transitional military council in Sudan, but they are increasingly straining and trying to cause a break between the parties and the masses of the people to fall victim and blood and try to disrupt any support Or an Arab role to placate, and not only that, but they conducted demonstrations against the Egyptian Embassy in Sudan after the African Conference held in Cairo, Egypt, like n etsedatel the African Union, which discussed the situation in Sudan and Libya.

Al-Hamdein insists that the situation in the Arab world remains unstable and sends its intelligence services beyond its borders. Therefore, there must be an Arab action in international forums to bring international resolutions to stop the intelligence services of Al Hamdein and to give a strong warning to al-Hamdeen's organization to stop interfering in the affairs of Arab countries. There is another act, even if it is military, because Hamdein's organization has become a threat to Arab national security and the greatest proof of this relationship with Iran and Turkey, which are pushing Hamidin to destroy Arab countries in order to control their abilities and to grab their wealth.

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