Friday , October 22 2021

UAE offers residents a 6-month trip and unlimited return


Abu Dhabi: Mubasher: According to the Federal Office for Identity and Citizenship, people who have been granted six months to find a job after adjusting their status under the "Protect … by modifying their status" initiative can travel and return to their country during their stay without any restrictions.

According to Emirates data, the establishment of jobseekers meets the conditions and controls related to the normal place of residence, and residents have the right to move freely to and from outside the country.

She pointed out that this category must install a sticker of residence in passports before departure.

The Office stated that the initiative allows perpetrators to remain in the country after determining the registration status via the virtual system of the labor market, which helps them find new jobs, presenting their knowledge, profession and qualifications to companies and employers through an electronic platform supervised by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirates Grant him a temporary six-month visa for temporary stay without the guarantor's condition, so that he can find a new sponsor and adjust his status or determine his conditions to leave the country after the end of this period.

The Commission recently announced the extension of the 'protect yourself, modify your status' initiative, launched at the beginning of August to 1 December 2018. To create a new opportunity for the perpetrators who have not yet been able to solve their situation to take advantage of this initiative and avoid that will be taken. The Commission has the right to insist that it continues to violate the law on entry and residence of foreigners in the country.

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