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This is an offensive secret to Arab Spring Revolutions

Lebanese announcer George Qardahi explained the reason for his attack on Arab Spring Revolutions, noting that the launch of this label is not true since it is not derived from the Arab world and is not the product of our Arab society.

"I was quiet, I saw what happened in Tunisia, and I told a revolution between day and night, without preparation, unlike the French revolution that was preparing," Khardahi said during a meeting with Sheikh Al Hara, two hundred years! "

He then continued: "Then we saw that the shame of the movement is the fall of the regime, regardless of the fact that these movers offer a concrete political project, an alternative system that gets the rights of people, we have not seen any project."

He explained that his opinion affected his popularity in the Arab world at the outset, noting that his position was in the interest of the Arab peoples, since these revolutions, which were called the Arab Spring, were mainly against them.

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