Monday , January 18 2021

The United Arab Emirates blamed a famous artist for assaulting a minor

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The Dubai Public Prosecutor's Office officially accused Zeina of attacking a 12-year-old Egyptian girl after she broke away from Zina's malice and her girlfriend's family in a resort on June 26, 2018.

Prosecutors said the final verdict on the case would be taken on May 6th, while the indictment was issued after the court heard the eyewitness testimony, confirming the beating of a young girl at the Atlantis resort in Dubai.

The witness added that the star hit the girl "on the pretext that she hid Zina with her cell phone, secretly," stressing that he tried to play the role of a reformer among the parties in order to put an end to the problem, but "failed and beaten ".

Eyewitness claims that the girl's mother was also attacked by Zina's sister who accompanied her at the resort, while the family defense lawyer found that "the technical report confirmed that the phone of my child and her mother had been released from videos depicting the actress" .

Zina last year said she was the first to complain to the police and reported the incident and asked family members to empty the contents of their mobile phones from their pictures.
The Egyptian star added that the US family tried to reconcile with them to calm the issue, but refused and insisted on the conduct of the investigation. The US Embassy in Dubai has appointed a senior lawyer from her consulate to extend the case.

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