Saturday , June 12 2021

The Palestinian news agency – a small profit in the Arab treaties despite a strong oil surge

The five Arab agreements rose on Wednesday, while the three other Egypt-led markets fell, despite the strong benefits of world oil markets.

By 1230 GMT, the London Brent ship for delivery in January rose 2.17 percent, or $ 1.36, to $ 63.89 a barrel.

US crude futures for delivery in January rose 2.51 percent, or 1.34 dollars, to 54.77 dollars per barrel.

The Bahrain Stock Exchange was the biggest winner, with a growth index of 0.6 percent to 1.314 points, pushing investments and bank shares of 1.64 percent and 0.31 percent, respectively.

The Saudi Stock Exchange, the largest in the Arab world, rose 0.13 percent to 7,514 points, increased from profits in some large stock in the commodity sector.

The Qatari Stock Exchange rose 0.24 percent to 1,092 points, supported by a 1.26 percent gain in the Qatar National Bank-led bank after rising 1.9 percent.

In Kuwait, the benchmark index rose 0.29 percent to 4,748 points, the index rose 0.04 percent to 5082 points, while the first index fell 0.08 percent to 5266 points.

In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai's stock rose 0.24 percent to 2,756 points, while bank and investment stocks surged.

While the Abu Dhabi stock market fell by 0.4 percent to 4,970 points, while banks and telecoms fell.

The Egyptian Stock Exchange declined as its benchmark index, the EGX30, which measures the performance of the 30 most active companies, fell by 1.26% to 13,731 points behind the back of Arab and foreign sales.

The Jordan Stock Exchange dropped 0.22 percent to 1952 points, while leading shares such as Gopetrol dropped 1.22 percent, Iqbal Investments 0.68 percent and Jordan Bank 0.45 percent.

The following are the performances of Arab bureaus:

Bahrain: 0.60 percent to 1314 points.

Kuwait: 0.29 percent to 4748 points.

Dubai: 0.24 percent to 2756 points.

Qatar: 0.24 percent to 10,292 points.

Saudi Arabia rose 0.13 percent to 7,514 points.

As it turned out:

Egypt: 1.26 percent to 13,731 points.

Abu Dhabi: 0.4 percent to 4 970 points.

Jordan: 0.22 percent to 1952 points.

Source: Anatolia

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