Saturday , June 12 2021

The gold price increase is 150 piasters, and the caliber of 21 records is 608 pounds per gram

Gold prices rose on Friday, November 16, 2011 to a value of one and a half kilos to record 21 caliber, which is the most prevalent in Egypt about 608 pounds per gram during the trade on the market.

The increase in the price of gold in Egypt was due to the price of the "ounce" of World Gold "worth USD 8 per ounce from USD 1207 to USD 1215.

The gold prices in Egypt are as follows:

Caliber 18: 521 pounds

Caliber 21: 608 pounds

Caliber 24: 694 pounds

Gold Pound: 4864 pounds

Ounce: 1215 USD

Gold prices in Egypt are provided daily for the seventh day, along with the latest developments on the market, both at local and international level.

The price of gold in Egypt may vary slightly depending on the province or from one trader to another within pounds or two pounds, but the grammar of gold varies very much from one jeweler to another according to the shape

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