Wednesday , April 21 2021

The Chinese delegation informed about the intelligent police service

Guangzhou, deputy governor of Hubei Province and director of the provincial Public Security Bureau and his delegation, visited the Intelligent Police Station (SPS) in Lamer County.

Guang Jing and his delegation heard an explanation of the intelligent police station, which received a Guinness Book of Records certificate to be the first police station of its kind in the world to operate without human intervention. 24 hours.

The Delegation was informed about the services provided by the Center, which includes 27 main services in the field of criminal and traffic services, certificates, permits and community services provided in accordance with the best international standards and police practices, as well as 33 sub-services provided by The Center, which operates without human intervention in providing these services to its applicants, The criminal services, including "the ability to record criminal communication without the need for a conversation with an officer Ottenes, through direct communication "video conference" with the investigative officers speak several languages, because the servant talks to the client details all, and then sent to the client record F I made him sign it. "

The Chinese delegation also briefed on the services of the Criminal Center, such as the police service, labor complaints, repatriation reporting, contact with the victim, housing security, human trafficking, communications and support for victims of domestic violence, the Vehicle, the traffic situation and re-issuance of a traffic accident report.

The delegation also talked about the service of certificates and permits, including a night work permit, entry permit for the body, examination of a crime, a request for a confirmation of loss, a certificate for the affected persons, a certificate of innocence, a permit to close the street and community services, Dubai police leaders in your service "," claim to insure the event, "a tourist police service, an investigation for investors, a certificate for the public and heart services.


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