Saturday , April 17 2021

Sharjah's children explore the abilities of the young cognitive of the "reading festival"

Sharjah 24:

The Sharjah Foundation for Fourth Quarter Children for the Industry of Leaders and Creators continues to offer many activities and workshops for reading the Sharjah children reading festival, in pavilion no. 35 Hall no. 4, in cooperation with some specialized bodies in the field of child development.

The pavilion attracted a large group of children from the centers and students who participated in workshops of writers and artists specializing in the arts and writing of children's literature.

A number of workshops were held in the pavilion, including: "Fantastic breaks, fun with culture and busy street" by Amal Faruk, executive director of Sharjah children's events, for the development of artistic creativity among children.

The children were able to discover new and innovative ways of designing recyclable materials, as well as learning the basics of writing stories during the workshops conducted by Sumyah al-Zaruni.

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