Tuesday , October 26 2021

Registration numbers for “Match 2020” with Mustafa Al-Aga in all Arab countries and the unified number


The dream contest How to participate in the dream contest is one of the biggest contests in the Arab world offered by the mbc channel group a few years ago, and the value of its prizes is a large amount of money in US dollars and its value increases annually. until its sum in 2020 reaches $ 3.5 billion, and the dream contest started in mid-January and the remaining few days of the big draw, which is a million dollars for just one winner, and that is what made many viewers on the MBC screen to look for how to enter the contest, to win this grand prize to fulfill their dreams of buying a home or traveling abroad, and the last prize of their dreams was the $ 100,000 Withdrawals on the 19th of November .

Competition of dreams 2020

The Match of Dreams started in 2006 on the mbc channel and started with a sum of one million US dollars and since its inception, it has been examining the credibility with the viewers, and that is what made him make a live award on the air through the echo program at the stadiums presented by Syrian journalist Mustafa Al-Aga. In front of his followers, he is informed about his winner of the Dream Contest Award, regardless of his height, and the contest organizers warn against following rumors that participation and withdrawal are done by participating in groups and pages on social networking websites. , and as for Dream Competition 2020 in its fourteenth season, it is the biggest competition that mbc has started. With this huge amount, it was won by a large number of subscribers compared to previous years.

Steps to participate in the dream contest

Some followers of mbc channels in Egypt and the Arab world want to know how to participate in the dream contest, and that is what made them search the Internet to find out the right way to participate and enter the draw for those big financial rewards, and mbc channels prevent their employees and their relatives up to the fourth degree from participating in That competition is final.

  • For the first time, the subscriber enters the word dream, dream or discovery in an SMS message.
  • He then sends it to the number assigned to his country via mobile phone and the price of the message is calculated as determined by the telecom company in each country.
  • Then a message will arrive from the same number informing about the participation in the competition.
  • Then the journey begins to answer questions in general information.
  • The more answers a participant receives, the better their chances of qualifying for victory.

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