Sunday , June 13 2021

Opening the votes for the achievements of the proud Zayed at the site "The beginning of the UAE"

The announcement was announced today to open a 58-day vote on the Uae initiative's website and mark the first # OAU as part of His Majesty's directive Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and the ruler of Dubai. General of the achievements that Zade would be proud of if he were among us.

The opening of the vote was announced to select the achievements that reached the highest number of votes and to honor the working teams at a special ceremony in honor of His Majesty's directives Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The vote was opened through the official website of the www.uaepioneers initiative. from today to November 25th.

"The vote is open to everyone on a special page on the official website of the initiative," said Nof Talak, UAE coordinator for the first news agency of the UAE. He urged all members of the community to vote on the achievements from today to November 25. In the achievements that Zedjd will be proud of if he is among us, she stressed that behind every achievement is a prominent team and a success story that should be followed in the process of developing and upgrading the status of the state and will respect the elite of the ceremony this year .

The prize is awarded within the fifth session of the OAU initiative, to be held at the national ceremony in Abu Dhabi in connection with state celebrations on the 47th national day and the founding of the Union. The announcement of the suspension for receiving the nominations for the initiative was announced on November 18 and received more than 6,000 achievements. From the beginning of the nominations through the website and the branding of the initiative.

The event was a major event after being launched in the middle of the month. OAE # was marked with more than 11 million times. The ceremony is a national occasion to highlight the most important national achievements in various areas.

The Emirates Early Initiative, organized for the fifth consecutive year, will celebrate the achievements that contributed to the rise of the UAE and highlighted the teams of the United Arab Emirates who sincerely worked out the founding of the United Arab Emirates to raise their flag in all the forums.

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