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Newspaper Union – Club – Men – Secret – Treatment – Comedy – Laughter – Couples



Alkadvani and Karim in filming the film (from the source)

Alkadvani and Karim in filming the film (from the source)

Tamer Abdel Hamid (Abu Dhabi)

After a five-year absence from the Golden Screen, after his film "The Blue Elephant" of 2014, Karim Abdel Aziz is returning to the cinema through his new film "The Secret Male Club", which is now on display in local cinemas. Married relationships in the form of dramatic comedy, surpassing the first week of its £ 10m offer in Egypt.
The film is written by Amin El-Watar and directed by Khaled El-Halafaui, performed by Gada Adel, Mayed El Kadwani, Nikrin Tafesh and Bumi Fuad, along with the honorary guests Akram Hosni, Ahmad Amin, Hamdi El-Margani and Maataz El-Tuni. , Who lives in a double life, is married to Hajar, whose role is Gada Adele. She lives with her in a quiet, routine life full of dedication to the rule imposed by his wife, to constantly follow and fear other women, and on the other hand, emotionally attached to another girl. "Farida", which was embodied by Nasrin Tafesh, who guided his work "pilot".

Bored and monotonous
The events follow, and the viewer finds that Adam owns the club under a men's barbershop called a secret male club, which helps couples who suffer from boredom and loneliness in their married life to live a new way, using the latest fluids and innovations in the world « Media and surveillance methods, in cooperation with a specialized team from China, led by a man named Hiram, who plays the role of Fajum, which helps them not reveal their wives.

Comic paradoxes
Secret filmmakers used the picture to create comedy, as well as many paradoxes of comedy in the first part of the film that brought together Karim Abdul Aziz and Mageed al-Qadwani, who plays the role of Fuad, who recently joined the secret male club. In a new experience, where Coona was a bilingual comedy in the film, and begins with the events in the transformation, when the "Hayar" of Adam's discovery of the truth through a "women's group" through "Media Media" put the image of their husbands , and one of them identified the picture and discovered "Agar" was shocked when he learned that "Hell." He has many connections and most importantly with the "unique" … meet with Hagar "" unique "and agree to take revenge together , to know their plans and to join the trio in a dramatic drama, I showed and that the reasons for his problem, the cold and the change that happened in his wife's personality before and after marriage.
"The secret male club" came out of the conventional style of comedy, through an unconventional idea, accompanied by the author and the director, the technological era in which we live, through a good comic combination, the use of speed and movement between scenes, Karim Abdel Aziz is known for his previous films such as Harami in Kigo To, Haramit in Thailand and Abu Ali.

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