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New High Gold Prices on Friday, April 26, 2019 in Egypt – Word Dot Org

Gold prices today In Egypt, the new rise coincided with the rise in the prices of gold ounces at global level, and the increase in the value of gold for all the gold bullion slightly, by about £ 2 per gram, it is worth mentioning that The price of gold in Egypt Last Friday was about 608 pounds per gram. For 7 days, the price of gold rose by about 4 kg per gram, with an ounce of gold of 1281 dollars per dollar, which is 0.41 percent more than the price of gold ounces yesterday.

The prices of gold in Egypt

Caliber 21, which is the most popular in Egypt, scores 612 pounds per gram, while gold in the latest report released by Hague stores about 4896 pounds, and there is a table Gold prices in the Egyptian pound:

Caliber Price for the Egyptian pound
Caliber 24 699.25
21 caliber 612
18 caliber 524.75
Fairy gold 4896
Gold 1281 dollars

Having in mind the difference in the value of the workmanship from one goldsmith to another, the value of the handicraft is subject to several main factors, such as the size of the works, the agreement between the seller and the buyer and the value of the added tax. Although the value of the fabrication is different from one jeweler to another, Especially since the price of gold on a global scale is a major factor.

Factors that affect the price of gold

Gold is one of the most important metals traded on all world markets, and there are some factors that influence the price of gold, whether it is rising or falling. Among the most prominent factors, the state of supply and demand of the yellow metal and the dollar today, positively affect the price of gold and its rise, the gold reserves in banks and, finally, the global political crisis.

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