Thursday , April 22 2021

"My Language" speaks about the role of modern technology in local education

Sharjah 24:

My language, an educational initiative aimed at supporting Arab education through intelligent means for children and school students in Sharjah, discussed the impact of the key change in education and the role that modern technology has in the educational achievements of students in schools in Sharjah. In two sessions held during the Children's Reading Festival in Sharjah.

The first session was titled "Intelligent Learning: A Radical Change in the Educational Systems of the United Arab Emirates and the role of my linguistic initiative in the Community Partnership System". The workshop was attended by Badria Al Ali, Director of the Language Initiative Marva Al Katib, and Nala Al Saadi from the Child Safety Department of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah and Haifa Al-Haj from the kindergarten of the Ministry of Education and was led by Asma Al Zaruny.

Technology in the service of the Arabic language

The next session, titled "The role of my language initiative in the educational process at the Sharm El Emirate schools and the activities promoting the Arabic language."

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