Friday , June 18 2021

Mirna Jamil shows her happiness with the reactions to the series "quarter of Rome"

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The young singer, Mirna Jamil, revealed that she entered a pure coincidence from the great director Khalid Jalal, who saw her and asked her to go on acting and perform the drama "After the Night".

In an exclusive interview with Lifestyle, she said she participated in the experience of "After The Night", which was selected to participate in the "SNL" program in Arabic, which was shown in the last period in satellite channels and achieved great success.

Mirna said she was considered fortunate because she was trained by star producer Kaled Jalal, the star, and her participation in the SNL program in Arabic gave her a great opportunity to deal with all Egyptian stars. Great experience.

Regarding the revival of the women's championship in the "quarter of Rumi" series, Mirna announced that she is a very important experience in her career, especially that the reactions she received from the character of "Lili Murad" and made during the drama of the series were fantasy and surpassed all expectations.

The "Ruba Rumi" series, written by Tamer Ibrahim, directed by Moataz Eltoni, featuring Mustafa Kater, Mohamed Salam, Hala Fahir, Baumi Fuad, Mirna Jamil, Hajiar Ahmed, Edward, Mohammed Mahmoud and Ajay Riad, number of stars, As honorary guests, Ashraf Abdul Baki, Ahmed Fahmi, Abeer Sabri, Mohammed Anwar and others

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