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Membership granted to six literatures in Dubai

Sharjah: "Bay"

The Union of Writers of the United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates) received the status of six writers and writers of the International Writing Program in Dubai, one of the initiatives of Muhammad bin Rashid for establishing knowledge, after participating in a short story workshop organized by the program last year over four months. A group of stories shared a theme (martyrdom) and carried the title (a red dot in memory).

The announcement was made at a ceremony organized by the Federation at the headquarters in Sharjah and hosted by the graduates of the program, in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Hamdan bin Jarash, Secretary General of the Writers Union Salem Al Owis, President of the International Writing Program in Dubai and Hussein Darwish, Mohammed bin Rashid for Knowledge and Islam Abu Shakir, superiors from the short story. Six writers are: Emirates writers Fatima al-Amiri for her collection of stories (person), Amal al-Kabi for a military picnic and Meram Said al Zababi for a family photo. In addition to the Jordanian writer Ruba Younis, Ahmed bin Mohamed (dark white), Egyptian Ahmed Nur (Sin El Phil) received the associated membership, and the event was ruled by Emirates singer Mohsen Sulaiman, head of the short story club in the Union.

Graduates at the workshop talked about their rich experience with the International Writing Program in Dubai and the impact of their involvement in the difference in their artistic awareness and highlighted the scope of opportunities to ensure the success of the program in terms of promoting talent, in which participants are provided with basic skills and subjected to rigorous testing to reach them to the highest degree of governance and governance.

Abu Shaker pointed to the nature of the training received by the participants, in which he attempted to release the creativity of the participants and to start them in circumstances that correspond to the idea of ​​creativity and nature, in parallel with an action plan that provides the participants with basic skills. The number of participants in the workshop reached 13 young people, but the selection was eventually signed by only six people who achieved the goals set for the adoption and printing of the book, pointing out the commitment of the program to quality standards and persistence to them.

For his part, Dr Mohamed Hamdan bin Jarash thanked Muhammad bin Rashid for establishing knowledge about her role in enriching the UAE and the Arab cultural scene and stressed that co-operation between the Federation and the Foundation will continue, pointing out that membership gives them six employees in Dubai The context of the Federation's strategy is to empower young people, to accept young talents and to give them the opportunity to engage and communicate with the cultural milieu.

Salem Al Owaiis thanked the Writers Union for holding this event and his initiative to award his membership to a short story workshop in the Dubai International Writing Program. He expressed confidence that young graduates will follow their path and will make an important contribution to the Emirates and Arab creativity.

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