Friday , January 22 2021

Liverpool renewed their victory over Porto and faced Barcelona in the semifinals

LONDON (Reuters) – Liverpool continued their quest to regain the title without losing the Champions League 14 years ago after qualifying for the second consecutive year on a continental game with a deserved 4-1 win over Porto in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

The English team reiterated their superiority over the Portuguese after Liverpool won last week at Anfield 2-0 to reach the golden box after winning 6/1 in both matches.

Although Porto had a ball for most of the time, especially in the first half, he failed to translate the capabilities of goal goalkeepers, unlike Liverpool, whose experience contributed to the stars at the end of Kfth in the end.

Sango Sanoi Mani opened the score for Liverpool 28 minutes before Egyptian teammate Mohammed Salah added the second goal in the 65th minute. The pair continued their quest for the second consecutive game in various competitions after they scored 2-0 in Chelsea In the English Premier League on Sunday.

The two players also raised their scores in the Champions League this season to four goals.

Edir Milito reduced the lead, scoring a goal for Porto in the 68th minute, but Roberto Fernome and Virgil van Dyck added Liverpool's third and fourth goals in the 77th and 84th minute.

Porto, who won the title in 1987 and 2004, failed to avenge his 5: 0 loss in Liverpool in the last two games of the match last year. Liverpool continued their uprising with the eighth victory of all competitions.

After his tie score 0-0 in Everton in the Premier League, Liverpool won five victories in the home game before winning three Champions League victories.

Liverpool, who has five titles in the competition, hit the semifinals in the quarter-finals of Barcelona, ​​who defeated Manchester United in the quarter-finals, which some consider as an early final of the European Cup.

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