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Interpretation of Ali's lyrics

Interpretation of Ali's lyrics

October 31, 2019 – 49:12

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Elevation of al-Dhahab during al-Sabbahi interactions, inside al-Sawaq al-Mahliyyah, and Mahal al-Saghi.

The relative proportions of the superficial syntax of the syntax of the feminine physiotherapist in the illumination of aluminum interactions.

Propagation of the crown of 21 crowns between 669 and 671 Jenny, with the height of 18 crowns between 573 and 575 crowns.

We have Jaram al-Dhahib Ayar 24 missing from trauma between 765 and 767 Jinnahs, and al-Jinniyah al-Zahabah of Saarah between 5352 and 5367 Jinns.

Fima Tawrah Sa'ar Jaram al-Dhahib Ayyar 22 between 701 and 703 Jinns, the slave of the 14th Sajr Yajarah between 446 and 447 Jinns, and 12 of 382 All 383 Jinns.

Announcement of Egypt, Sultanate

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