Sunday , April 18 2021

He should work and stop it. It's the cause of osteoporosis … I know that

Thank you for reading the news for the needs of her work and preventing her from being the cause of osteoporosis. Know the news now

Cairo – With Mohammed Salah – Maintaining bone health is an important issue to avoid in order to avoid any disease that causes osteoporosis. In this report we will find out about some of the things we do and which are among the leading causes of osteoporosis, healthline. "

– A lot of salt in food, some people can not eat without a sour dish of it, or put lots of salt in food to become salted, these habits cause a low percentage of calcium in the body, which causes increased opportunities for osteoporosis. , reduce salt-rich foods.



– The old saying and advised us that "the movement is a blessing", and this is recommended by many medical studies, where I stressed that lack of movement and exercise are among the leading causes of osteoporosis by practicing.


Vitamin D deficiency is one of the leading causes of osteoporosis, so you need to be exposed to useful sunlight to keep your bones healthy.

– Many beverages rich in caffeine like coffee, tea and soft drinks cause calcium to retreat from the body, which increases the chances and chances of osteoporosis.


This is the news detail about the needs of her work and prevention, and this is the reason for osteoporosis, which I know today that we hope to be able to give you details and full information. To follow all of our news, you can subscribe to a signal system or one of our different systems to provide you with everything new.

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