Saturday , October 16 2021

He dies after collecting the funeral costs

Scottish actress Shirley Helliard died of cancer after she collected about £ 7,000 to finance her funeral.

40-year-old Heliar thought she had recovered from lymph node cancer, which last year developed a lung tumor and went to Newcastle to celebrate his recovery.

But then she experienced chest pain while visiting friends in October, and the doctors told her she would not survive more than five weeks.

The actress said her family had lost her brother at the age of 16, adding that "parents should not witness the funerals of their children."

Recently, Heliar took part in the Netflix work entitled "Outlaw King," in which he starred Chris Payne, who played the role of a peasant and hoped to see his program.

However, Heliar died on Wednesday, two days before the opening of the film, according to the BBC.

The statement on the fundraiser website said that Helier "died without sleeping" in St. Oswald in Newcastle, surrounded by family and friends.

"Shirley is very grateful to anyone who helped or sacrificed," said the statement. "She made her happy in the last few weeks."

"She said that all the help she received restored her faith in the existence of humanity, thank you all again."

Heliar was diagnosed for the first time with lymphoma, which developed into a lung tumor in 2017.

In September she said that the tumor had shrunk and was able to travel to Newcastle, where she had lived for years and was active in the field of sexual health.

"My parents lost my brother in 1999," said Helier shortly before his death. "I've seen this sad story."

"I am deeply saddened when I see this situation again."

Over 300 people donated £ 6,956 to help their parents, Elizabeth and Gordon, pay for the funeral and help cover their travel expenses from Scotland.

Many donors received a message of support and some offered services at a funeral or family residence in Newcastle.

Martin Robson, the donor, said he did not know Heliar, but he wrote: "I heard your story at Newcastle Radio, and I was shocked by your story and how much grief you have."

He added: "I sat motionless and closed my eyes and hear your conversation about cancer, you are brave and I hope that the funds collected by a beautiful funeral may deserve it."

Another donor, Sharon Ray, wrote: "A very brave woman, I was very sad to hear the news of her death."

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