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Hamdan bin Mohamed testifies to the challenge of hybrid tribes

His Majesty Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the crown prince of Dubai and chairman of the Executive Council and chairman of the Sports Council in Dubai, was witnessed on the third day of the Dubai Coronation Festival in the Al-Marum area of ​​Dubai. Sheikh Said bin Maktoum bin Jumaa Al Maktoum, president of the Badel Tennis Association, crowned the medal winners with the presence of Ali Bin Sarud Al-Qatbie, executive director of the Dubai Camel Racing Club.

The evening witnessed 18 lanes of 5km, of which the most prominent were the symbols of the Prince of Dubai, Crown Prince of Dubai for the Open category category and the two suitcases for open and production categories.

The victory of «Gaza»

"Abdul Aziz Saeed Aliyah's" Crowd "Ali Sweemeah Al Quthi's" crown was recorded for 7,21,3 minutes and was the third "Mohamed Darrowi al-Amiri" rain control for a time of 7,21,5 minutes. In the second half of the match, Meteb offered the owner of the open bench in the second half to the owner Mohammed Obaid Eid al Mansouri with a time of 7.21.3 minutes. Second, Yashar came to Muhammad bin Nasr al-Ameri for 7,21,9 minutes. »Mubarak Ahmed Matar Al-Kaili with a time of 7.22.9 minutes.

In the second half of the season, Al-Kadriya took the crown of the crown prince of Dubai into the production category in Al-Bakar Al-Ufah in the second half of the owner, Hamed Obaid in Al Halous Al Alam, with a time of 7.20.8 minutes and Al Rashed Al-Marie was tired in 7.21.7 minutes. The third "curse" by Abdul Aziz Saif al-Quthbi recorded a time of 7.21.8 minutes.

Running on the wall

Shaheen was kidnapped by the open cannon from the production category of his owner, Saif Dahab bin Zafa al-Afari, with a time of 7.22.4 minutes, and second place is "Shami" by Mohammed Sultan Matar Mirhan al-Kutti with a time of 7.24 .9 minutes. Musafar Mohammed Al-Ameri recorded a time of 7.26.2 minutes.

Al-Ta'ar moved to the top of the sixth half of Mohamed Moussalam Salem Bin Ham Al-Ameri, with a time of 7.22.4 minutes. Hayyad dominated the seventh half of Hamed Thanon Hamad Mubarak Al-Ameri, who recorded a time of 7.27.9 minutes and named "Shaheen" the eighth of the dispute Said bin Salim Mansuri, who records a time of 7.21.5 minutes and "Raj" is the best moment for the lead The ninth half of Mohammed Ali Halis Al-Afari registered a time of 7.16.7 minutes.
"Summer" for Said Hassab, patron of Al Thirah Ameri, leads the tenth period, recording a time of 7.20.7 minutes.

«Master Controls»

Major took the lead in the 11th half of Sultan Mohamed Hamis al-Badi, with a time of 7.20.6 minutes. Raad took the lead in the second half of the Sultan Kalifa Sultan in al-Rashed from Sweden, with a time of 7.20.8 minutes, while the top-ranked 13th place took off. Ahmed Sultan Al-Rashed from Sweden recorded a time of 7.20.8 minutes, and Ariam flashed by taking the lead of the 14th half of the Sultan Caliph Sultan in Al-Rashed from Sweden, recording a time of 7.20.3 minutes.

Shahen scored the seventh half for Abdullah Mohamed Sukhail, scoring 7.22.2 minutes, and Al-Watbha scored 17th-lead for Sahel Al-Barami. Mubarak Al-Qatabi recorded a time of 7.24.9 minutes and interrupted the "panic" of evening wins in the eighteenth half of Nasser Muhammad Nasser Mushayet Al-Marie recorded a time of 7.23.4 minutes.

Morning matches

Returning to the morning competitions, the third day of the festival began at 22 steps in the morning, which was dedicated to hybrid tribes at the time of lactation, at a distance of 5 kilometers and 12 of them were set up for production. The winners were given four-wheel drive for each race with cash prizes for the remaining centers. For the victory of "tired" for Abdullah Hamad al-Ameri in the first half of the first night at a time of 7:25:25, the event "happened" in favor of Hamad al-Waahibi at the top of the second half of the morning buns in 7.30: 8 minutes and gives them a "rare" third semi-final title Al-Zidan is the favorite of Malik Salem Salem Talab Al-Derai in 7:25 minutes, while Al-Mutawakil wins D Salem al-Kuti won fourth round of Al-Yad al-Qaddafi in 7: 25 minutes.

The fifth half

The title of the fifth half of Al-Bakar was awarded to the owners of Mohamed Khalifa Al-Mukhari in 7:29 minutes. Jamil won the title of the sixth half of Al Bakar in the seventh half of the match. 7: 24: 4 minutes and gathered to win the best timing of the morning and got "tired" of Gamal Mubarak Alhaili the title of the eighth of the al-Yadan local 7: 25: 7 minutes and scored "missiles" for the songs rain Kali tops the ninth half of the first 7: 26: 5 minutes and has won al-Faiha for Mohamed Rashid Al-Suwidi at the top of the tenth half of the morning muffins at 7: 27: 7 minutes.

Al-Sanahi set off on the same road as Mohammed Abdullah Al-Amiri won the second half of the local league at 7: 27: 2 minutes. Production for the morning.

In the rest of the morning, Saeed Abdullah Al Shamshi's "privilege" won the title at the 13th half of the first quarter of the season at 7:27:27, while Salam won the title Abdul Aziz Faizal Al-Marie for the fourth half of the match, Mali handed over the title to Al-Khalifa Al-Rumiti to the 15th-half of Al-Haddahl for 7: 27-5 minutes, while Masoud Hamed Al-Marie won the title of the 16th semi-finals of Al-Zidan Al-Mujahedin in 7: 31 minutes.


Al-Madara won the title in the first half of the first half of the morning, and Mansura ended the morning wins in the second half of the second half of the morning, Mahdi won by their owner Ahmed Mubarak Al-Qa'li.

Today's competition begins

On the fourth day of the festival, the fourth day of the festival, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the crown prince of Dubai, president of the Executive Council of the Arab Camel Festival, marks the 35th anniversary of the festival. The winner will receive a cash prize of 400 thousand dirhams, while the racer will receive a quarter million dirers, the third is 150 thousand dirers, and the fourth is 100. AED 1.000 and AED 50 thousand, followed by Shaw I Venice and dedicated to Aladan open and assigned with a gun a prize of 300 thousand dirhams for the first winner and 150 thousand dirers for the runner and 100 thousand dirhams for the third and 70 thousand dirhams for the fourth and 40 thousand diramas for the fifth.

Cash prizes

After the two symbols, 13 steps were made for the first and second prize, as well as for the winner of each wheel of the four-wheel drive. Cash prizes were awarded to the owners of the center from the second to the tenth, followed by four matches for locking the production of Bakar and Edna. Each car winner is also allocated with cash prizes for the second to tenth place, and the number of cars on The fourth day is 17 cars.


The morning period, which starts at 7:00 am includes 16 steps dedicated to Bakar and Al-Jadan, local and local, for all stages cash prizes are awarded, and for each part of the AED 20,000 other awards are awarded for the second to ten centers, from 15,000 to 4,000 AED. AED.

On the auction of the sixth personal production of Grammy-C, which maintains the Dubai Camel Racing Club on the sidelines of the Crown Prince Crown Prince Festival, ends today. The auction was held for three days, and the auction began on Friday and was dedicated to the orphans of the tribes who originated from the best and purest races.

Saif al-Afari: "Shahin" was on schedule

Saif Dahabah, Zafa Al-Afari, expressed satisfaction that Shahin won the fourth round rifle for the time of Al-Lakaya for the category Open Production. He said Shahen was on time and was fortunate and fulfilled his expectations, especially since he has a remarkable record since winning the Zayed Grand Prix competition in the capital, Abu Dhabi recently, praising Shahin's performance and taking advantage of the expensive symbol despite the strong competition the pitch.

Al-Afari added that he looks forward to achieving more victories in the age of transfer and age of Al-Bakar in the coming period. He thanked His Majesty Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai and President of the Executive Council and President of the Sports Council in Dubai. When the presence of His Majesty is the greatest incentive for all owners of camels and lovers of this sport, sports parents and grandparents.

Al-Afari concludes by saying that the festival of the crown prince of Dubai is an exceptional station for all owners, since the festival contributes to promotion of buying and selling in this sport, which positively reflects on the continuation of Asahl's sport and his growth and development forward.

National Day Marathon Saturday

The Cultural Heritage Center, Hamdan Bin Mohamed, presented the fourth edition of the national camel marathon, organized by the Center in collaboration with the Dubai Camel Racing Club. The fourth edition of the marathon will be held next Saturday, in conjunction with the Dubai Coronation Festival. .

The change comes early in December as part of a festival that coincides with the inauguration of His Majesty Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the crown prince of Dubai, to allow participants more time to train and prepare for the race . Who is the only one of its kind in the world for the length of the length and the necessary physical fitness of the passenger, in addition to the appropriate climate related to the country's racing races.


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