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Gulf Evening Gathering to Shuail and Manali at Al-Majaz Theater

Al-Mayias Theater in Sharjah will host a gala evening in the Gulf, hosted by Kuwaiti artists Nabil Shuail and Emirates Ayda Al-Mengali, who are set to present their most beautiful songs on stage on February 15.

Nabil Shuail, who has a long history of art and music, has a strong presence in the audience, both in the Gulf and in the Arab world. And different.

He also contributed to the introduction of songs from the Gulf into the Arab world through outstanding and prominent participation in many Arab festivals such as the Jheres Festival, Carthage and others.

"In every tour in the Gulf, I feel like singing in Kuwait, and it's a feeling I'm used to. It will not be different and I will meet my audience in Sharjah," he said. "Emirate is renowned for the artistic and artist art. I am confident that I will add a new memory of my art career this evening, and I am happy to meet with my audience on February 15 at the Madzhas Theater, where brilliant artistic names are held each year ".

He added: "Singing in Sharje will have a special character, a city that brings me together with audiences from different Arab countries. It has a diversity of nationalities, making the meeting warmer and happy for the artist." I am dear, during the ceremony, I present a bunch of songs loved by the public about the works that started the old one. "

Aida Al-Mencali meets her beloved audience to present her with a selection of songs that he distinguishes. Al-Manali is one of the artists who for many years have been acclaimed with the art of "Shilat", while he did not enter the world of singing through a joint work with Lebanese artist Diana Hadad titled "If I ask" to starve the emirate's star in local and Arabic songs.

Al Manali released his first album, Whatever Happened, in 2002, "Khayef Aleik", and in 2011 released a summer gift album and participated in several festivals, especially Hala February, and "Muscat Nights "," Salal Concerts "," Jeresh Festival "and others.

Al-Manali said: "Sharjah is a wonderful city of beauty, art and tolerance, the creators from all over the world come together, and enjoys the enjoyment of all their annual activities in their country of lovers of art and love." We meet on February 15, is in front of Shariah's audience, who is always ready to be accompanied by top art events. There is no doubt that singing in Sharjah contributes much to the artist's balance. "

Emirate has become a focal point in the organization and hosting of giants of art and culture, along with the accuracy of the organization and the hospitality of its guests, which increases the values ​​of tolerance based on its history. And it reinforces the concepts of fraternity among those who live on its soil. "

Faja Yunnan sings at the opening of "World Music" today

The Al-Alam Theater will witness the launch of the Sharjah International Music Festival at the sixth session, with the inaugural ceremony of the Song Ensemble for Korean songs, and the second from Syrian artist Fai Yunnan. The festival will be held by the Swiss Agency for Trade and Tourism and will be organized by the music center Furat Kaduri by 21:00. El Al Theater will host the evening of the opera flamenco, performed by the famous Spanish flamenco artist Arcangel, accompanied by Moroccan soprano Samira Kadiri.

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