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Gazeta Al-Ittihad – Sultan bin Zayed takes part in the premiere of Siyat Al-Shat in Suwaihan


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Sultan bin Zayed during his presence in Al-Shat in Sweihan (photos from WAM)

Sultan bin Zayed during his presence in Al-Shat in Sweihan (photos from WAM)

Abu Dhabi (WAM)

HH Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Representative of His Majesty, President of the United Arab Emirates, witnessed the release of Merkaz Sihan to the camel races, which take place under the patronage of His Majesty the Prince of the Crown. Menstrual cycle.
The winners received the first place to the tenth place at each stage, where the winner of the first place in the main games for the first and second category in a luxury car and win the rest of the winners from the second to the tenth in cash.
His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan early checked the race field and assured His Majesty of good organization and provision of all services to participants and society and directed His Majesty to overcome all obstacles for participants and participants and to take this event in a camel-worthy manner status in the hearts of people of the United Arab Emirates and the attention of leaders It is the cornerstone of our ancient heritage.
The competition was organized on the first day, which took place in two morning and evening periods for the first time in 16 days and lactation in the evening of 12 days. All stages of hugs and lactation have witnessed a great participation and strong competition to get the right and leave a distinctive mark on the Suihan field.
His Majesty Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Obaid Bin Salmeen Al Mansouri, Abdullah Fadel Al Muhairbi, General Director of Diwan His Majesty, Presidential Representative, Hamid Saeed Bulahj Al Rumaithi, Executive Director of Action at Emirates Heritage Club and Dr. Obaid Ali Rashid Al Mansouri, Sultan bin Zayed Center, as well as many officials, as well as a large audience of camel racing fans and many representatives of various media.
The competition started yesterday morning with the age of the first three years, and the first game, the main half of local debutants "tired" Ali Saeed Mubarak Al Zerai and took first place and won the first cars with time 4: 26: 2 minutes, while took second place " Mahbouba "Saeed Hamad Mohammed Yirvana Al Neyadi in 4: 26: 5, and in third place" Abdullah Saeed Mubarak Al Kutbi "abandoned 4: 26: 6.
Rahal won the second round for Mohammed Al-Amri and won the second car, reaching time 4: 24: 6 minutes, and finished second "rare" for Mohammed Ahmed Hassan Al-Ameri 4: 27: 3, and in the Third place «Raad» for Hamid Omar Bakheet Al Mansouri 4: 30: 1.
In the third half, the opening of the game was marked by "Al-Zabi" by Saeed Hamad Al-Amoud Al-Ameri, in the fourth game Jadan was open – it was the first place for the midfield of Ahmad Mohammed Salem Al-Malki, and in the fifth place the first place Al-Mansouri.
The second half of the game included: the sixth half of "Shazly" Hamdan Bakhit Mohammed Rashedi, the seventh half of "Shatha" Mubarak Saeed Salem Al Wahaibi, the eighth "Al Ghazal" Hamed Salem Ahmed Al Wahaibi, the ninth half of "Naseeh" Khalifa Omar Bakheet Al Mansouri, " Al-Amdali "for Salem Ali Salem Al-Ameri, third part of the game, fifteenth half of" Lady "by Mohamed Mubarak Saeed Al-Muhairi, and last morning" SA Yab for Khamis Mubarak Saeed Al Muhairi and Nal Al Nammus and the Great Break Award. In the evening competition, which was awarded for the Lalkaya years, 12 km for 4 km, "Mohamet Suhail" was "voluntary" to break Amiri on the day with the law and the main prize for the main line. In the second half of the main venues Jadan flew "Aljarh" Sultan bin Yariou Mohammed Mansouri Bmamos half was the best moment in the Lalkaya competition.

Gazeta Al-Ittihad – Sultan bin Zayed takes part in the premiere of Siyat Al-Shat in Suwaihan Sultan-Bin-Zayed-Witness-Intilaaqah-Merkada-Seih-Shat-in-Suihan

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