Wednesday , April 21 2021

Food Expiration Dates … What are the new labels to be taken?

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Americans have suffered years of food labels and foods.

The Food and Drug Administration now makes it easier to work. In the new directive, it called for the simplification of the labels on the history of the food shelf, based on one criterion: "pre-use".

The Food and Drug Administration says the confusion over food storage dates has prompted Americans to eat food worth $ 161 billion each year. "This is not surprising when considering different terms used around date labels, such as pre-sale, pre-sale, expiration date, etc."

The label "best if used" will depend on the packaged food, if the date is simply associated with optimal quality, and not with certainty.

"Studies have shown that this will improve for consumers and that these products should not be removed after the date if they are stored properly," the FDA said.

She noted that she hoped that over time she would reduce the number of different terms in history, adopting "the best if used earlier".

Why Do Companies Use Historical Signs?

Manufacturers place labels on the date they are estimated, for various reasons.

"The most common thing is to inform consumers and traders about the date when food is expected to maintain the quality and taste that it needs," said the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the main exception for dairy products. Produced that the product contains at least the minimum nutritional content indicated on the label of the product and that the product is of acceptable quality. "

While "better if used" labels refer to product quality, predicting food expiration is not a matter of accurate science.

Consumers should routinely check food in kitchen cabinets that have exceeded the date "best if used before" to determine if they are good enough to consume.

If the color, consistency or sense of products has changed, consumers should avoid handling them, explains the FDA.

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