Wednesday , September 22 2021

Find out about the relationship between Tamer Hosni and Leila Murad

Thursday, 17-02-2021
08:29 p.m.
Only immortality

Today, Wednesday, February 17, marks the anniversary of the death of artist Leila Murad, who died in 1995.

What many do not know is that there is a kinship between singer Leila Murad and singer Tamer Hosni.

It is true that it is a very distant kinship, but it still exists.

Munir Murad – Laila Murad’s brother – was married to – Merwat Sharif – daughter of the artist Hosni Sharif (father of Tamer Hosni), which means that Laila Murad’s brother was married to Tamer Hosni’s half-sister.

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