Wednesday , April 21 2021

Equipped with "Duet" with Mustafa Amar and Hamid al-Shaeri "Hexar World"

Artist Ehab Tafik said he is preparing for a new duet with artist Moreafa Amar and Hamid Al-Shahey.

"Tawfiq", during a meeting with the "Cairo Today" program broadcast through the "Today" satellite, artist Mustafa Amar gave him a new song and liked it, noting that he told Amar that the song would be a great success.

He stressed that artist Mustafa Amar told him that this song will be sung with him and artist Hamid al-Shaeri: "Mad idea, but we did it again in 1991, the first thing we started and we re-issued the second one" and was expected to "break the minimal song".

Ahab Tuffik appeared during a meeting with sunglasses while filming at the meeting was closed.

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