Wednesday , June 16 2021

England sees the future flashes on Rooney's farewell

LONDON (Reuters) – The English fans called one of their players to see flashes of the future when Gareth Southgate won 3-0 over the United States in a friendly match at Wembley, a tribute to Wayne & # 39; and Rooney.

Rooney in his last match for his country on Thursday. PHOTO: Tony Melville – Reuters

The critics of the friendly match paid tribute to Rooney in his 120th and final match against the team who feared that the return of the 33-year-old to Southgate's youth policy returned.

However, in the case of a coach who wanted to involve other players before the decisive battle against Croatia in the European league on Sunday, many young men had a chance.

18-year-old midfielder Borussia Dortmund, Gidon Sancho, aroused admiration on the right side and worked wonderfully with Dili Alley and Jesse Lengard.

"I liked playing in front of my family and fans of England," said Sancho, who moved to Germany for longer periods after starting in the Premier League.

"Playing with Wayne Rooney was a dream that has changed into reality because it is a great legend for me and a role model, I was worried about the match and he came to me and asked me to express myself because there was nothing to lose. "

It's not just Sancho's comments that fears that Rooney might cause a problem in Southgate's balance sheet, the coach said about the positive impact of Manchester United and former Everton on preparing for the game.

"In the end, he talked with the players and everyone noticed his modesty, work with the group and train like everyone else. In the game he returned to defense and showed the mentality of the great player."

The manager from England made it clear that Sancho had made the decision to develop his winger, but his excellent transfer to Trent Alexandra-Arnold in the second game of England showed his potential.

Alexander-Arnold is the third choice behind Kyle Walker and Kieran Tribier, but the 20-year-old has left his mark on his first game in England at the Wembley stadium.

"The dream came true: the first game at Wembley stadium and my first goal with the team." Gidon Sancho did a good job at the start. "

"Everything was exciting and he got Wayne & # 39; and Rooney & # 39; and he was one of the best players in England and it's great to play alongside him."

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