Friday , April 16 2021

Egypt is the first artistic country in the Arab world

Arabian artist Mohammad Abdo expressed his happiness and great optimism about what is happening in the Arab region, especially Saudi Arabia, stressing that Saudi Arabia lives in Arab art culture and a state of artistic openness provides a different stage in the history of the Kingdom.

He also confirmed his happiness with the collaboration with musician Talal, who was able to highlight all the possibilities of his different voice, stressing that after almost 50 years of experience in the world of singing he reached a stage that allowed him to properly evaluate his experience .

This came during a massive press conference that took place last night at the Marriott Hotel in the presence of Maestro Hani Farahat and Khaled Abu Munter, supervisor of the works of musician Talal.

The Arab Artist, that Egypt is a country of art first in the Arab world, is the reason for the success of all the singers who are currently present on the art scene and the beginning of the gold launch.

"My collaboration with musician Talal started 30 years ago in the album" Ya Hala Baltayeb Al Ghali, "he adds, adding that his continuation as a composer with all his strength means that he is an artist who never dies. Over the years of co-operation with Talal, we presented a collection of the most beautiful and wonderful songs. The most important thing that distinguishes Talal is his persistence and accent on Saudi artistic identity and puts Saudi art in competition with all other Arab arts.

"I am always interested in presenting Egypt's annual concert for opera theater. This year I will present several songs from the last album" Ya Gafia Qumi ", which composed his songs, the musician Dr. Talal.

Abdu added that the songs on this album are quite different from the previous one and are confident that they will find more success than before and will be widespread.

As for Maestro Hani Farahat, he said: "I dreamed of doing the stage with the Arabian artist Mohamed Abdo, and I'm small, and it's better that God realizes my dream to the true myth for all Arabs." He added: "I have the honor to participate in the second year. With my new album," I Gafia Kumi ".

While Khaled Abu Monter said the album, which requires a period of more than ten months, will be seen by everyone as a more powerful work and requires intense work to appear in this particular form, especially with regard to the specificity of this work of art and that it crowns the journey of the musician Dr. Talal and the Arabian artist Mohamed Abdo with the prominent group Poets and work with them is a special nature, because every artist has his own vision, which often adds to his work a different spirit and luster.

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