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E-shopping websites are preparing for the race «collect discounts»


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Shopping centers and e-shopping platforms based in the United Arab Emirates are aimed at introducing discounts on "Yellow and White Fridays" to take advantage of the discounts offered by Alibaba "Single Day" and "Black Friday" in the United States before the end of November. .
The e-shopping websites are ready to introduce significant discounts, using the shopping culture via smartphones and smartphones in the UAE, credit card payments or after receiving the products.
UAE has the highest rate of smartphone penetration among the population of the country by more than 200%, and this country is one of the highest in the world in terms of speed of access and use of the Internet and the first regional growth in the e-commerce sector.
Nun, the e-shopping platform, presented plans in November for the "Yellow Friday" festival to present the largest shows since its launch in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which include a number of discounts, shows and entertainment.
Buyers during "Yellow Friday" will have the chance to win AED 1000 or SAR, which will distribute coupons for purchases.
For its part, MarketMarket launched the 11/11 campaign in conjunction with the China Singles Day campaign, preparing to launch the "White Friday" campaign, which coincides with the Black Friday in America.
As a result, many traditional electronics stores and stores have developed electronic platforms that meet the requirements of the so-called "new generation of the millennium" who have made online purchases. Al Arabiya Motors, the main car company of Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani Group, which allows Infiniti fans to save up to 20,000 AED on weekends from 15 to 17 November.
From November 21 to November 25, the Landmark Group offers buyers the opportunity to take advantage of large and exclusive discounts that they launch as part of the "White Wednesday" campaign.

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