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Drogba announced his retirement at the age of 40

Former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba announced his retirement from a 20-year career in which he won four Premier League and Champions League titles in 2012.

The Ivory Coast striker, who played for Phoenix races in the US, had two spells with Chelsea and scored 164 goals in 381 matches, helping to revive the London club under the leadership of owner Roman Abramovich.

Drogba, 40, began his career with Le Mans in 1998, but did not play in the spotlight while he was 23 at the time of joining Gangon in 2002.

He moved to Marseille in 2003 and went to Chelsea next year to become Jose Mourinho's main striker and made him win the league title for the first time in 50 years.

He won three titles in the first eight seasons with Chelsea, the FA Cup on four occasions and the Professional Cup twice.

He finished his first season with Chelsea when he scored a decisive penalty in the Champions League final against Bayern Munich after reaching the draw at the end of the initial time before the two teams join in for extra time.

He spent time in China and Turkey before returning to Chelsea to win the title for the fourth time and the Professional Cup for the third time, and then left, winning four of the top scorers of the team through the ages.

Drogba, who played 100 games for Ivory Coast and was twice elected as the best player in Africa, ended his career with Phoenix Racing, who owns stocks.

"The best way to end my career is to help develop some young talents," Drogba told the BBC. This is the best way to end the return of a nice part of the game, because I've learned a lot of football. "

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