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Dark Mater issues its first safety report in the UAE


DarkMatter Group, the first in the region and the only provider of integrated solutions for digital transformation, defense and e-security, today released its quarterly e-security report, which provides detailed insight into e-threats, security gaps and vulnerabilities they face organizations in the United Arab Emirates on the digital transformation scene. Now.

The most important elements of the report Q3 2018

  • Ninety-three percent of Dark Matter ratings identified old software, and 83 percent found unauthorized software.
  • "Unauthorized access" or "Configuration errors" are the cause of 70% of detected incidents.
  • 45 percent of the 20 most common weaknesses are classified as "high risk" or "critical".
  • 276,000 vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in the UAE were monitored in almost 800,000 hosting systems identified with the Internet and evaluated by the company.

The final recommendations for best practice in dealing with these threats include the adoption of training programs to educate users about e-security, two-factor authentication, software updates, and software configuration management. The report also includes the 9 most popular sources of threats according to research by Dark Matter.

These nine sources have already been successfully used to conceal e-security defense systems that have been adopted by many organizations Statistics and information provided by Dark Matter in this report are of great importance to any executive body that is responsible for making decisions regarding digital infrastructure and systems for protection against e-mail threats.

Eddie Schwartz, vice president of security at the Dark Matter Group, said: "The findings in this report are a great warning against the potential risks that await us and remind us of the unfortunate events that have occurred in the past as risk factors. access reminds us that Yahoo user accounts are hacked and old software draws us back to WannaCry's famous attack. "These are unfortunate examples that can once again become a painful reality for many companies because the necessary steps have not been taken."

The E-Security report is the first of its kind in the region, providing a mix of internal data and analyzes from specialist company services and platform technologies, as well as open source information relevant to the UAE. The goal of Drake Matter Group is to raise awareness and ideas and effective recommendations for managing and solving identified risks.

The report provides insights based on evidence and evidence-based quantitative and qualitative data to help organizations in the UAE to better understand the threats they face and take immediate steps and measures to increase the level of cyber-resilience. According to the report, organizations operating in the UAE have about 800,000 Internet video hosting systems, a computer system that usually has the form of servers providing various tasks and work tasks, which include 276,000 weak points.

Topics related to what you are reading now:

Almost half of the vulnerabilities identified as vulnerable were classified as CVSS, a standard indicator of the severity of security weaknesses in systems. The report included investigations into several of the aforementioned vulnerabilities. Six categories were classified according to the aeCERT computer scale.

"We identified a number of cyber attacks that were classified as critical on the aeCERT scale, reflecting potential damage to any target institution in the country if any of these attacks were successfully carried out. The results confirm that periodic electronic evaluation and ongoing commitment to improving security based on e-transformation systems are indispensable means to ensure a higher level of electronic resistance. "

The report ends with a list Seven practical recommendations That organizations will implement and improve electronic security systems:

  • Upgrade programs and use security patches.
  • Follow the procedures to maintain the security of networks and systems.
  • Remove programs that do not conform to the relevant standards.
  • Apply advanced password management policies, including two-factor authentication.
  • Survey and control of the most important systems.
  • Conduct periodic training programs to raise awareness in the field of electronic security.
  • Performing ongoing security assessments.

The report includes a detailed version of these recommendations, as well as details on the UAE institutional support to protect their networks from potential threats e. The Dark Mater Group recommends to all organizations in the UAE the upcoming e-security conference, which includes an intensive program including technical training 11 different topics and two days of multidisciplinary lectures on electronic security as well as the world-famous "pick-up" competition.

Dark Mater works with the conference organizer to organize the "Beyond the Space" business program in parallel with the events taking place during the conference.

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