Thursday , October 21 2021

Camera to confirm the authenticity of images


Experts from the Russian company «Schwabe» have invented a unique SWIR camera that can confirm the authenticity of an icon or image.
The camera uses short and infrared waves, thanks to which it is able to see surfaces that the human eye can not see.
The camera was tested on the icon of the eighteenth-century "Juareggio figurine" and "Silent nature of the fish" by Mikhail Sokolov, who created it in the 1930s.
The company's experts and the state institute of technical renovations have discovered the artist's signature on the painting, which covered the layers of coverage, confirming the originality of the painting. The camera also revealed early copies of the painting, reaching the plume of the painter, under the layers of paint.
"The camera was first designed for military purposes, but it turned out that it was much wider than previously expected," said Oleg Yevtenko, president of the Russian company Rustyk, a company dealing with buckles. Professional test of securities originality, determination of food quality, etc.
He said that the camera can work in the hazy sky and discover camouflaged targets, and also recognize hidden faces behind colored glass.

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