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Book Charja .. Course Worth the Title of "World Capital"

The book The Sharjah Book unveiled yesterday the activities of the 38th edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair, which coincides with the year when the Emirate was crowned the World Book Capital.

Participating in the new exhibition session, organized under the slogan: "Open Book .. Open Minds", from October 30 to November 9, 2000, publishing houses from 81 Arab and foreign countries, while the Republic of Mexico is a guest of honor.

The exhibition will feature Nobel Prize-winning Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk, American journalist Steve Harvey and director Oscar's experience of the music of his weak Indian millionaire, Sampuran Karala-Gulzar, and a novelist at the Expo Center in Harzah. Global (poker) Joha Harty, Indian poet Vikram Set.

Ahmed bin Rakad al-Amri, president of the Sharjah Book Authority, said during a press conference at the headquarters of Sharjah yesterday that the fair will witness the participation of 173 writers and novelists from 68 Arab and foreign countries. , presenting 987 different events distributed across cultural, children's and events. A culinary corner, along with a number of plays, script drawings and social media.

He added: "This year the exhibition is very diverse. We organize 350 cultural events for 90 guests from 28 countries. In addition, the youth will have 409 events under the Kids program, with 28 guests from 13 countries. The culinary corner has 48 events by 15 chefs from nine countries, along with comics, and 66 events by five guests from four countries.

Product of effort

As for the slogan, Al Ameri explained that the exhibition chose "Open Book .. Open Minds" to celebrate Sharjah as the world's capital of the book and serve as a confirmation of the long and fruitful collaboration that connects all cultural institutions and institutions. in Sharjah, pointing out that this achievement was not the result of a single effort Instead, it is a system of visions, ambitions, dreams and beliefs, founded by His Majesty, Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, a member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, based on the fact e Knowledge of the book is the backbone of the progress of man and his knowledge.

"This year, we host the Republic of Mexico, a country that relied heavily on human civilizations for literary and literary weight, and through this hosting we sought to inform the Arab and local public about the creations of Mexican cultural figures that influence the world literary and literary world. cultural scene. " Let us emphasize the message of the World's Gathering Exhibition to love the book and the knowledge, to listen to the audience and to share their language and creativity carefully. "

The United Arab Emirates tops the list of participating issuers, followed by Egypt, Lebanon and Syria, with 10 countries participating for the first time this year: Cyprus, Ecuador, Estonia, Greece, Kyrgyzstan, Mozambique, Somalia, South Korea, Taiwan and Venezuela.


The exhibition will feature a group of Arab and foreign authors, including Algerian novelist Wassini al-Arayi, Iraqi novelist and journalist Inam Kaji, Kuwaiti novelist Boutaina A-Esa, Tunisian poet Amilamila Mejri, the Saudi poet Mohammedan, the Saudi poet Mohammed poets and Libyan writer Ahmed Fituri. In the field of African literature, the exhibition will be hosted by Hadji Jaber, Mubarak Rabbi, Margaret Busby and Opel Schiichala.

The audience will be interviewed by Italian novelist Elizabeth Dami, British novelist Ela Wakama Alvaria, US novelist Bernice MacDadden, and from India, novelist Anita Nair, actor Gululshan Grover, poet Gett Thiel and others.

The exhibition organizes book signing ceremonies for more than 250 books on poetry, novels, social sciences, law, philosophy, critical and academic studies, self-development, theater and children's books.

Twenty social media workshops will be held this year with 12 guests, while six new media celebrities will participate in events that raise cultural, media and social themes, revealing aspects of their relationships with their followers and fans. . Websites to promote reading, culture and dialogue. This year, the exhibition organizes a Diversity Platform, an active space that discusses a range of current topics, monitors their diversity and differences from culture to culture, and explores the implications of their presence in the local community. It aims to instill creative thinking and the attitude of all members of society in how the individual can make their own creative ideas and transform ordinary ideas into creative ones.

The exhibition is organized by Comics, a 66-day event.

The exhibition hosts the fifth edition of the annual Libraries Conference, organized by the American Library Association, from November 6 to 8, following a series of events attended by 400 academic librarians, public, school, government and private from the region and the US And other countries.

Mexico .. Guest of Honor

Mexico's ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Francesca Elizabeth Mendez Escobar, reiterated that hosting Mexico as a guest at the International Sharjah Book Fair is an important step in boosting bilateral ties, stating that the book, to identify the civilizations of nations and to embrace their differences Culturally it reinforces the essence of the value of tolerance.

"Mexican writer Alfonso Reyes says: 'The book has its own charm. While giving us a sense of isolation, it gives us many friends, life is dead, and books remain. "It brings us together, a book that has long been a cultural and human bridge that bridges peoples and nations. This hostility only strengthens the bonds of mutual cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and Mexico, and Sharjah's choice of guest of honor at the Guadalajara International Book Fair embodies this long and important partnership. “

"The Mexican National Chamber of Publishing Industry will send a group of Mexican writers and publishers to this pioneering event as we actively contribute to its success as we seek to educate the local public about our culture and the creations of our writers and writers, to ensure that the book is a common denominator. It brings together civilizations and peoples. "

Bin Raqqa Al Ameri:

«Exhibition choose logo:

(Open book .. open

Mind), to celebrate

Sharjah is the capital

World Book.


Current, start date

Lasting show

Until 9 November.


Publishing House, from 81 countries

Arabic and foreign.



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