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"Art Machine Ghadra" .. Amr Mahmoud Yasin advises artists


Friday April 26, 2019


The artist, Amr Mahmoud Yasin, gave advice on any artist who worked in any field of art through his personal account on Facebook.

"My advice to any artist who works in any field of art is the first one that keeps money," he wrote. "I'm not doing the project away from art."

He went on: "Because the art machine is not deceived and not fooled by the success of the elements of the profession, because you are in a moment and without a reason the concept comes out of the bills, and the days pass by every day and make sure that all of you are out of accounts for the reason you do not know that you do not know who drove you from their accounts .. But that's how. "

But he added: "The hour of your project, which you have done, is the one that will benefit you, even if you are in the business of Sovlack, any source of livelihood in which you are at the time of the treachery of your time. It is important to make sure .. The one who does not want to work in the art Welcome and come at your own risk,, Both you and your happiness and your level of intelligence in adapting to new developments and your ability to continue your journey.
Amr Mahmoud Yasin

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