Monday , June 21 2021

Al-Masri herself sends a letter to men about marriage through "Ingestram"

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Egyptian actress Sam El Masry sent a message to men on her personal page on the social networking site to exchange photos and videos called "Ingrid".

During the letter to the men on the front page, Sama el-Masri called "Ingestram" to ask him not to marry a weak woman.

"A message to a man does not marry a weak woman because she does not beat her, complains to her family, marries a strong woman and prostitutes for what beats, beats and curses, and I lose money," wrote Sam al-Masri.

It is noteworthy that the author of the review Sama Masri announced the retirement of art and regretted God through a new video through her profile on the social network to exchange photos and videos called "Ingram."

He wrote: "It's best to assume I'm convinced of Bey, no matter what happened, and I did not come back to Eriana Tani." I made my own decision to Mahedsh Ghasbani, see the rumor that my sister, Bmayoh, and I originally covered my sister, waited on the rumors that my brother Dral and not all my family lives in Cabareh I do not shake my hair. "

Al-Masri herself called on her listeners to call her to prove her remorse and advise them to cling to prayer, saying: "The first need to be held accountable in the graves of prayer, must cling to prayer and read the journal of the Koran."

"I promise you that I will present fine art for some time, because I will not use the word" masquerade ", but" Makanesh is my goal, which is a need and a lot of photos and videos that I once slowed down ".

She apologized to her viewers for all the inappropriate photos and videos she published in the past period, and she sent a message to the girls from her former critics: "I'm sorry, you're better and more honored than me."


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