Sunday , January 24 2021

Abu Dhabi police conduct social awareness campaign to avoid rallies and avoid rallies

Abu Dhabi police conducted an outreach campaign entitled “We Commit to Victory” to educate the public about the need to adhere to social distancing and prevent rallies in residential areas.

The campaign focused on all areas in the city of Al Ain as part of the state’s efforts to strengthen precautionary and preventive measures that help curb the spread of the coronavirus.
Community police patrols have conducted field visits to a number of areas to carefully investigate any human behavior, giving them the necessary advice and obliging them to leave their gathering places in order to maintain public health and safety, to prevent the recurrence of such gatherings and to co-operate with the competent security authorities.
The campaign was attended by the Al Ain Police Department, the Community Police Department, the Municipalities and Transportation Department and members of the “We Are All Police Officers” initiative.

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