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Abi Sabri with her husband on the red carpet

Abeer Sabri with her husband on the red carpet. See the news source – Art News – Jolouli with details of the news Abir Sabri with her husband on the red carpet. Witness:

Art News Today – Cairo – Gololi

Egyptian actress Abiyar Sabri participated in the opening ceremony of the Cairo International Film Festival at its 40th session, which took place on the big stage in the Egyptian Opera, accompanied by her husband, lawyer Ajman El Baia.

Abiur Sabri decided to show him a black dress decorated with gold and blue lines, while her husband wore a black uniform with glasses.

The festival is the first artistic event where Abiér and her husband celebrate their wedding in July in Dubai after a love story that lasted for months.

On the other hand, Abeer Sabri has been involved in a number of film works over the course of the following period, including "Dungeon 7", in which he participated with Nidal Shafei, Ahmed Zaher, Mena Fadali and Maja Nasri. .

She also takes part in the series "The Great House 2", scheduled for the beginning of 2019. The series includes Lucy, Ahmed Badir, Susan Bad, Manhayter Rihanna, Ramee Bushnak, Haxhai Azim, Tariq Sabri, Don El Masri, Riam Hilal, Ahmed Siam, Samir, Sharif Bahir, Tyser Abdul Aziz and Emman Ayub, besides Reem Al Barudi, Mena Fadali, Mayed Al Masri, written by Ahmed Soby and production by Mamadu Shahin.


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