Monday , June 14 2021

712 million AED real estate transactions in Dubai today

Real estate transactions in the Dubai Department of the Land have reached over 712 million AEDs.

The department recorded 143 commitments of AED 216 million, including 11 plots for AED 50 million and 132 apartments and villas for AED 166 million.

The largest land sales were AED 10 million in the Palm Jumeirah area, followed by AED 7 million in the first Nad Al Sheba area, followed by AED 6 million in the 5th Tanniyah area.

The region of Al Safa 5 was in the region with the highest sales, with sales of 5 million dirhams, followed by the fifth region of Tanniyah with sales of 11 million AED and one third in Mirdif with a pledge of 5 million AED.

Regarding the most important sale of apartments and villas, a pledge of AED 6 million in the first region of Khairan was the most important obligation, followed by pledging 5 million AEDs in the Dubai Marina area and eventually pledging 4 million AEDs in the Palm Jumeirah area.

The area of ​​Sheikh Mohammed Gardens crowned the total number of sales of apartments and villas with 28 sales of 41 million dirhams, followed by Worsan Al-Oula with a total of 22 million dirhams and one third at Dubai Marina with 10 16 million dirhams with sales value.

Mortgages were valued at 496 million dirhams, of which 21 land mortgages worth 459 million dirhams, 35 houses and apartments with mortgages worth 37 million dirhams, the most important in the Garhoud area, 347 million dirhams, and the second in the Ayala Nasser area worth 35 million dirhams.

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