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5 symptoms suggest heart problems


5 symptoms suggest heart problems


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There are symptoms that indicate heart problems

The heart is the main organ in the human body and affects the violation of any disease in life, and neglect can cause serious consequences.

The main symptoms that may indicate the onset of a heart problem:

Chronic cough

Continuous and persistent coughing may be a sign of a cardiovascular problem. Therefore, one must pay attention to the color of phlegm, if it is pink, it is a sign of a heart problem.

2. Swelling of the legs

Swelling of the legs is one of the symptoms of a defect in the work of the heart, because the imbalance in the work of the blood vessels does not pump out the required blood, causes leg and swelling.

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3 – a feeling of suppression

Rarely burdened daily work is not a hard body. But this exceptional condition, along with a feeling of weakness, is usually a sign of the possibility of a heart attack, especially when you feel strangled in the laying position.

4 – pale skin color

The color of the skin becomes pale because of insufficient blood in the micro blood vessels, that is the lack of red blood cells that reach the skin. If this condition persists, consult your cardiologist.

5 – irregular nerve pulse

Emotional tremors are one of the most common causes of cardiac arrhythmias, because in this case, the amount of catecholamines (escaping and wrestling hormones secreted from the adrenal glands), including adrenaline, adversely affect the functioning of the heart muscle.

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