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ىىىىبارباربارى .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ن .. ن .. ن ن ن ن ن نى نىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىى 14

We are sick of the sanctification of the Faithfulness, and we are against the temptation of the Faithful:

1- High tail compression

Immediately before the expulsion, al-Mu'awiya al-Mu'awiya al-Mawrani al-Mawliyyah, the patron saint of Ali al-Jawaz al-Yazl al-mud al-Jawmaq. And the height of the trunk increases the height of the area around 2 in 3 adults, over 60 in general. However, it is possible to have a stewardship, such as my son al-Samani, and the al-Riyadh school, and the al-Taqqa'i al-Taqqينn and the al-Tutar al-Tترt وr and al-Qut .r.

2 – Al-Sukri
The 1980s, the weakening of the number of middle-aged men in my life, and the bullying of the Balcans. Wahzah al-Sabz, Fan of "Al-Samarra Center for Al-Marzad" in favor of the name "cholera al-Sukri". Check the risk of stroke after puberty at age 45, possibly with heart disease and alcohol and other illnesses. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the relative merits of the elephant in the form of elephants.

3. Heart disease
The validity of al-Safa'i's conquest of al-Shariah is usually preserved by the Prophet. However, the concession of the widow is a precedent. Possibly the chief of the presidency of Faith al-Khashas, ​​al-Din al-Tetra'ah, numbering between 40 and 59 in general, with the majority of transversals in my upper-limbs 20 to 39;

4- Albana
Mr. Kenneth Isabah Balbadani, the leader of the list, has a single list of tolerances for overweight kilograms. Vtkman al-khalati al-khakti ali all-al-fayyat al-Ameri, i have a title between 40 and 59 in general, al-zein yanai 41% i am al-semeni al-mafrati.

5. Joint inflammation
The quotation of the al-Jabar al-Mubar al-Mubar al-Sنn al-ا ،b وn al-نتn al-نتn al-جnنتt al-نتنتbىd al-نتaw al-نتنتn al-نتنتn al-اص 37n al-اص 37s 37n al-ينينn al-ينينn al-اص 45n al-45 45n al-45 45n al-45 45اصn al-45اصn al-كاصn al-ك 45n al-كككb al-al-rةb. However, I am likely to have a hereditary cause and a great deal of interest in arthritis. And the theme of the rape of the joints and the ulcers of the joints and my abdomen, as much as possible on the weight of my body, can be exacerbated by my joint inflammation.

6- Hasham Azam
Halfway through the upper half of al-Khamsin, and at least 25% I am my al-Raja'ah my soul al-Fayyة al-'ةm بr ب, the lord of the slaughter of my lord, my saint, my slaughterer.

But there is a tendency for some ulcers to cause ulcerative colitis and to reduce the risk of vomiting, such as high-calcium and vitamin D-rich nationals of the health system.

7- Illness of Al-Sadd al-Rawi Alzman
Because of the divine revelation of the Divine Enlightenment, as well as the possible meaning of Lesnavat Dunn, the introduction of Zakal. And the manifestation of ordinary al-Qadr al-Fأrعnat and al-Khamsمnاتt. Wabed al-Mariz Fei I mean Saubi Feen Tafsil, Varma and Basal al-Taqs and Taqs al-Muqat. Wimken Loltmarin al-Riyadiyyah, the health of the food system, and Tanab al-Dakhan Waltlou's favorable investigation of al-luqa'i and al-alaj.

8. Lack of money
That is, around 18% of me, Kabir al-Sun, in the age of 45 to 64, in general, I had a problem with the problem, and the imposition of abuses. And al-Zawzah al-Awliya, al-muzar, valgunat dura kebira fi weakness, and we may all have a taste for some alawiya. Refer to the al-Qa'imyyyyyyyyyyyyy as a reference to a physician, but not for a moment.

9- Weakness of the word

Conversion of puberty in the age of al-Khamsin is a monstrous problem, but it is also a matter of commendation of the minors, and the rules of the world. There are some problems between Kabbar al-Sunn and other issues, such as Imam al-Aseen al-Ayn (al-adi yahjab al-al-Ayn) and al-Azrq (my collection of poems by al-Basr al-Basri al-Basri). But I do not care about my problems during my life in the stages of intellectual life.

10- Proverbs
I mean the problems of conquering the altar with the cannabis of the yahbun by al-hammam kathirah in the al. But this one caused some problems with the muscles and weakness of the muscles and abdominal distention. However, the sanctification of al-Riyadh and the revival of divine revelations, such as the drunkenness of al-Qa'idah and the non-elimination of al-Qa'iliyyah, at the expense of the most admired of all.

11. Cancer
Tests for all my Alcohol Problems with Cancer The discrepancy between my alumni 45 years 54 times. However, it is possible to have an instant reign and Jalاتnat Volk يn, as soon as possible through my exaltation and exaltation, as well as by my supreme authority and my health.

12. Elaktab
Intersectional Illness Interpersonal Disorders, Alzheimer's Tattoos between 40 and 59 Generally, My Actual Periodic Lifetime Achievement. The appointment of al-Khayr al-Masrأn to numerous labels, including the emergence of health problems and the absence of al-Abء الah and the consequence of significant changes in life. Wahid al-Khubar al-Jawid al-Iqir al-Iqr al-Khalifa after the age of 59, as a member of al-Nasr al-Jawlah, 7% between al-Ansa only and 5% between al-Rijal.

13. Al-Fitr at noon
Colma Cobert, Kan-e-Alam at noon most of the outbreaks. Wajed al-Kajir al-Shia is even more likely to have a wide range of symptoms, such as: excessive fatigue and abnormal exercise, and diseases such as inflammation of the joints. Therefore, due to the concomitant loss of weight, and the risk of exercise, and the desired outcome of my vitamin D and alkaline calcium protection. And the twilight muscles of the noon, the phosposons of the foreskin.

14- Alas
Alzheimer's Disease My form is Al-Kharf, al-Za'i al-Zha'ir al-'Aihayat al-'Allah even at the age of 65 in general and in the manner of man. Balzheimer's appointment to my 9th unit, as well as to Al-Sayran, and Akbar Ghalila. However, I have a total of 3 general and 85 public figures. It is unnecessary for some risk factors (such as Al-Walarithi) to possibly cause aliases. Volkan al-Adlai Tashir for all the citizens of the Laghlb food system and the diminutive guard of Walser al-Fisker al-Fayad al-Fayd al-Faydah.

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