Saturday , September 18 2021

You can be a patient with fibromyalgia

Dr. Beyhan Yenerkol, Fibromyalgia disease gave information on.

"Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain syndrome that causes frequent muscle aches and hypersensitivity to many parts of the body that are suffering all over my neck, sometimes on my arms, sometimes on my neck, on my hip, on my feet." I went to all my tests are normal, they said nothing, nobody believes me. "This disease was previously called muscle rheumatism, soft tissue rheumatism. But it is very difficult to diagnose this disease is very difficult, about 1 in 10 people suffer from fibromyalgia disease, a female disease that occurs in women more than 5-10 times more often than in men "- he said.

Explanation of risk factors causing fibromyalgia disease Yenerkol, "Women, age, progression, physical spinal injuries such as falls or road accidents, surgical interventions, some previous infections, psychological or physical violence in childhood, sexual exploitation, divorce, abandonment, war, problems related to work, excessive lifestyle activity, perfect personality are the main risk factors of this disease "- he said.

Patients suffered from chronic pain that persisted for a minimum of three months. Dr. Yenerkol mentioned the symptoms and methods of treating the disease in the following way:

"This pain does not give any break, the patient feels very tired, there is no work to find the same power, the night sleep is restless." How much sleep is sleeping, feet and hands feel the burning and numbness The patient may have difficulty moving the joints, be careful attention, focus on concentrate, migraine and tension headache. Drugs for magnetotherapy and treatment equipment are very effective in this respect, and the robot's laser is another factor in the passage of muscle spasms and pain. For this purpose we use cryotherapy or cold treatment Injectable therapies and massage treatments are also used by patients Hydrotherapy is another method in which we use pool therapy. "

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