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You are telling the Black Sea 31. watch the last episode – ATV Tells You Black Sea 32 episode trailer – Last minute Current News

You are telling your eyes on the last part of the Black Sea. ATV's every Wednesday night meet with the audience you are talking about the last part of the Black Sea was published on November 21st. This week in the series; Tahir faced a bad surprise, while the excitement of the wedding preparations. Tahir was disturbed by the woman she wanted to befriending, decided to take her from Vedat. He is determined to make Tahir Nefes experience the happiness she can not live. The surprise also has a surprise for Tahir, because preparations for the wedding begin. Fatih is in love with Barkak's love, and Murat is close to his brother. Murat, who helped Fatih to open Berrak, could he cure Nazar? You are the 32nd episode of the Black Sea. However, if the trailer is released, you can view our news. In the cast of the series; There are names such as Ulaş Tuna Astepe, İrem Helevioglu, Mehmet Ali Neroğlu, Sinan Tuzku and Oike Gürman.


He is determined to make Tahir Nefes experience the happiness she can not live. The surprise also has a surprise for Tahir, because preparations for the wedding begin. Fatih is in love with Barkak's love, and Murat is close to his brother. Murat, who helped Fatih to open Berrak, could he cure Nazar? When he heard that your loved one was beaten, could he take him from Vedat? The breath always brings a dream of a wedding dress. Will the love of Tahir and Nefes fall into the shadow of happiness when it comes to the happy ending?

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Impossible love of Nefiza and Tahir in the series, in the past for money in the person of a man who escaped from the persecution of the Black Sea in order to shelter the child The breath, which faced a big reaction to his family's story, is covered with the story of Tahir.

Osman exam, Emre Kabakusak and Yusuf Omer sit on the director. Ise Ferda Yerilmaz and Nahir Erdem are writers of this series. Ulas Tuna Astepe, İrem Helvacıoğlu, Mehmet Ali Nuroglu, Sinan Tuzku, Goce Kansu and Oik Gurmanin are attracted by the wide performance.


Contact directly Ulas

Ulash Tuna Astepa was born on January 1, 1988 in Izmit. He graduated from high school in Istanbul, graduated at the State Theater of the State Conservatory, Mimar Sinan. After working as a costume assistant in 2008, she participated in theatrical and television projects. Previously, he played the character of Mustafa in Analar and Mothers.

The character in the series: Namibim the other Delhi Tahir. 29 years. Dead, wrestling, mad petard, impatient Black Sea. He works on the sailing ship owned by the family, does not like the company's business, he wants to be in the Black Sea and the sea. The blood flows crazy, but his heart is full of mercy. He works hard, but remains in the class of common sense, lives with such friars, so stubborn, emotions. Conscientious, possessive, protective, but out of place. And a little tongue-in-mouth and a little hick. It's a fool. He does not make his family talk, but he fights with them if he needs it. He can not tolerate irregularities, he does not look at his eyes if he is angry. It is very easy to wash the burns, it is not recommended to tell them incredibly.

İrem Helvacıoğlu (Nefes Zorlu)

Born on February 2, 1990 in Germany. After many years living in Germany, who settled in Turkey irem Helvacioglu it is native to Ankara. He studied acting at the Art Center in Middad Gessen.

The character in the series: A young woman who failed to get a breath in her 24-year-old life. His mother died as a baby, but she was sold to Vedat, the son of the right wing when she was only 16 years old by her father. He was born in Yigit in seventeen years. Since then, he has been working with his son in his home to breathe, live, and resist. Many times he took his son, he was found and returned many times. Every time he was beaten, he was tortured every time, but he did it. It's already a very difficult character. A hard-headed, stubborn, stubborn woman hiding the pain.

Mehmet Ali Nuroglu (Vedat Saiyar)

Mehmet Ali Neroroglu was born on 7 September 1979 in Istanbul. Patnos lived in Cyprus, Istanbul, Tekirdag, Ankara and elsewhere. (METU) After studying at the Department of Philosophy at the Middle East Technical University for three years, she started working as a stage actress at a high school.

The character in the series: 35 years. Owner of Sayar Beton. In her first sight, Nefes is in love with him and because of a lack of teaching, she becomes even more dangerous. He suffers from a severe personality disorder, and if he hits the gender on the road "why stand in my way," he is kinetic, the psychopath. He always blames others, never takes responsibility for his actions. She keeps her whole psychopath under her cheerful, enthusiastic, charming mask. He kills breath, it seems that he regrets, apologizes, but after five minutes he blames him. He is in love with his wife that he was beaten, raped, jailed at his house for eight years. And she claims she loved her son.

Contact directly with Sinan

Sinan Tuzku was born on July 10, 1977 in Gaziantep. After completing her undergraduate education at the Bilkent University of Tourism and Hotel Management, she graduated from the State Conservatory of Mimar Sinan, the Department of Theater in 2004. After graduation, he worked as a stage manager, electrician, lighting, etc. In "The Arcola Theater" in London. worked at work. In front of the conservatoire, she gained her first professional experience as an assistant at the State Theater in Ankara. In 1998, he founded the Atelier Atelier in Ankara. He worked there five years professionally.

The character in the series: 35 years. Calelli is the eldest son of his family and head of the family. He heads the family Callei Coom and Calelli. Hard brother. A heavy, conservative, stubborn, responsible, dressed man. He says the last word, he does not say anything. He can not stand the hearing of his authority. He never apologized. He loves family prosperity and reputation. He burned the world for his family. He risks igniting others so that he can not be harmed, unjustly hears the truth, separates people from the family or from outside. He is attached to his wife with great love and passion. He softens when he is with him, becomes shiny, turns into a young man. And she loves her daughter.

Gözde Kansu (Eyşan Sayar)

Gözde Kansu was born on 23 August 1980 in Izmir. Ballet started at the kindergarten. In his school life, he was constantly involved in the theater and music activities at the school. He studied at the secondary school Izmir Tefik Fikret. He graduated from Dokuz Eulul University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Theater.

The character in the series: 35 years. Uncle and uncle of Vedat. The only woman who knows her secrets, her only friend in life, her mentor, her brother. A woman of the same traumatic past as the Vedat, a woman who always forgives, watches over her, cleanses all the dirt she imposes, protects her from worries. Funky, smart and scared. Not a woman who tries to do such a thing as evil, but Vedat is involved, and even the killing does not work, and no one can discover who the killer is. Very feminine, sexy, soft, he knows his word, maniac, carries the gas he loves, calms what he wants. If it's a matter of work, it's a complete problem, if it does not work, it's chaos.

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