Friday , October 22 2021

Wifi with the claim that you can see the back of the wall


Development questions the security of Wifi, a system for distributing the Internet to multiple devices at the same time. Apparently, a wifi home can be remotely or behind the wall. The names of the creditors can not provide data that will further explain their thesis, but in the near future there may be changes that may make wifine not completely reliable.

Setting up a wireless Internet network WiFireliability is compromised. Because with the help of Wi-Fi technology, the inside walls behind the walls or behind the door is possible to undermine. According to Webtekno, you can see walls, doors and other objects using Wi-Fi. According to Webtekno Emre Zehir reports, you can see the back of the walls, although it is somewhat indistinct. What you need is a smartphone and Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is a data network that moves technically in waves. These waves, like water waves or sound waves, are destroyed when they hit an object, frequencies and impulses change, orientation changes. Therefore, a Wi-Fi modem with a range of up to a hundred meters in an empty area does not extend to a kitchen balcony, which is ten meters away, because devices such as refrigerators and washing machines and blocking walls eat Wi-Fi. When Wi-Fi waves hit people, they react and break them. According to the changes in the electromagnetic field, it is possible to check whether there is a human being in the environment and the movements and positions of people or people, if they exist. There are even a few entrepreneurs who do it.


Yanzi Zhu and his team at the University of California have made a breakthrough that makes the situation a little more frightening. Now you can view the place with the most external Wi-Fi network. It is possible to use all wireless networks that your smartphone can watch for surveillance. The system developed by Zhu and his team provides the opportunity for observation. This technology, which can determine the number of people and movements in general, is open to further development and it is believed that as soon as new Wi-Fi technologies appear, signals will strengthen and facilitate this. The team managed to achieve a hit rate of around 93 percent and observe the different effects of different Wi-Fi effects. If you do not intend to isolate Wi-Fi signals from outside the building, adding parasites to the Wi-Fi signal seems the most reasonable defense now.

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