Monday , January 18 2021

What now? CHP: If Istanbul is restored …

[Haber görseli]

In the CHP local elections on 31 March, although Ekrem Imogoglu conquered the metropolitan municipality of Istanbul, the election renewal request is considered to be renewed on the basis that the elections are also in force.

The CHP stressed that Ekremoglu will not accept anything but to win the election in Istanbul. CHP sources, a process of increasing the perception that the elections are not tolerated in Istanbul, suggesting that the previous day at the press conference of Binali Yildirim for the purpose of this point was pointed out. Within this range, some proposals in the party began to talk about how the CHP will take a stand in the event of a renewed election in Istanbul and what type of political discourse it will carry out.

Stability continues
According to information received from the CHP leader Kemal Kilidaraglu about two weeks ago, who did not announce the election of Binali Yildirim, one day before the election of a deputy president evaluated the elections. Kılıçdaroğlu 'nun wins, except the status of Imamogulun, will not be accepted despite the determination, said it is possible to renew the possibility of evaluation. In the first evaluation, it was suggested to apply for renewal of the presidential election in case of renewal of the elections in Istanbul. In the first CHP estimates, de If they make such a decision, then presidential elections are also effective. That's what we get to the first table. There are many choices in this election, he said.
The presidential elections were held on June 24 in the selection of public funds for a candidate for the CHP candidate for annulment of votes cast, such as the falsified vote, indicating that many irregularities, "There are many issues that need to be put on the table. to make us with the same electoral rolls "we have learned the assessment.

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