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What is the new Beren Saat series? | Netflix Beren Time Series? When will it begin? | Name of the Beren Clock series Who will play?

What is the new Beren Saat series? Netflix predecessor news came from Turkey. For years, the famous actress Beren Saat screen to be held in Turkey Netflix, will participate in the second original series. What are the new watches series will be asked by citizens. So what's the new Beren Saatch series? We are curious about the details …

Netflix Turkey, informed the way the second original directory of social media accounts. Beren Saath will be in the lead!

Netflix Turkey gave the good news. The social media bill announced that the second will be the original directory. The first original production Netflix is ​​starring Çağatay Ulusoy, which will be held in Turkey Hakan: was a guard.

The Protector (Hakan: Garda), which will be released on December 14th, was unbelievable.

Netflix 'nin on the second Turkish original TV and cinema world's most famous names will be Beren Saat.

The new series of Netflixles on Berne Satinet will meet with viewers from around the world.

Beren Saatin will be included in the title of the directory, staff and when he will publish a statement.

Queen Elizabeth in the Crown, Clare Underwood at the Cardiff House, Annie in Maniac, Tokyo at La Casa de Papel, Ruth Wilder at GLOW and Jessica Jones of Marvel are the strongest heroes of Netflix productions like Jessica Jones. inspires viewers with different stories; it causes the desire to follow the dreams in the audience.


Beren Saat (born February 26, 1984) is a Turkish actress. He was born and raised in Ankara. Turkey participated in the period when the NBU went to Bashkent University attracted the attention of Tomris Giritlioglu in second place in the competition. So he started his professional acting career.

Saat, who won his first experience in the series Death in Our Love (2004), took the first leading role in Aska Exile (2005 200406) by Toris Giritlioglu. Then, remember Dear (2006 & # 39; 08), Ash-Memnum (2008 10), Fatmagil & # 39; Criminal What? (2010di12) and Revenge (2013ini14). especially forbidden love from this series, despite the exposure of various reviews from time to time in the spotlight, breaking ratings ratings in Turkey and published in many countries outside of Turkey. Also, what is the crime of Fatmagul? he was also criticized for his attention to women's rights. Apart from a series of projects, Saat also participated in many movie films. He made his film debut with the film Güz Sancısı in the autumn of 2009. The Wings of the Night (2009), the Rhino Season (2012) and My World (2013) were the other films in which he appeared. He plays Keesam Sultan's role in the series entitled Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem between 2015-2016.

In addition to starring in very high series, Saat also appeared as a voice actor in various films. He was included in the list of "Striking in 2010" by Radikal as the player of the year. In 2013, Turkey was elected by the GQ woman of the year. He has received numerous prizes, including two awards for "Golden Butterfly". In 2014 she married the singer Kenan Dogulu.

Beren Saat was born on 26 February 1984 in Ankara, the second from Eila and Hussein Avni Saat. Her parents had a brother and an elder brother, Jim, a graduate of the sports academy. He graduated from Ankara, Ankara, Turkey. TED Ankara College in the musical, which participated in many musicals. In an interview with a bottle of deodorant in his hand as a child in front of the mirror, many are thinking and reading much, he said. Saat, a successful student in education, started studying business at Bashkent University. not happy with his boyfriend's department at that time he told Efe Güray and participated in a competition called for his support of the stars of Turkey. After finishing the competition, he became advertising the character of the candy brand called Tofita and played in the commercial series filmed by Sinan Çetin. Later he attracted the attention of Torris Gritlioglu and his first with his support.

2004nu08: Remember dear and love-I Memnu
In 2004, she plays Nermin, Pervin's brother, played by Ece Service, in the film Death in Our Love, directed by Nazif Tunch and Ümit Efekan. In 2005, he starred in the first major role in the Love Love Expedition series, prepared by Tomis Giritlioglu with actors, including Mahsun Kırmızıgül. He played Zilan Sahar Azizoglu in the series. After two seasons, he participated in the Toris Giritlioglu project until 2006. Remember, this was directed by Faruk Teber and Um Burhan, while Kansel Elsin and Okan Jalibik starred. The period played by Yasemin Ussal's role and the political events of 1950-70 was a great success. His co-star in the series, Kansel Elchin, in an interview described Beren Saat as a "super-quality artist". In 2007, he was a guest star on the 121st episode of the European series.

Regarding Bechter's character in the interview, "What writers write about Behner's mood outside the dialogues taught me a lot." he said. She won the Golden Butterfly for two years in a row for her role in the series. After the end of the series, the series script was sold to Italy in 2010 and in the United States in 2012 and was re-produced in these two countries.

2009? 12: Cinema Films and Crime of Fatmagul? What?
Her first feature film is The Fall of the Fall, directed by Tomris Giritlioglu. In this production, which was released in 2009, Murat Yildirim played with Okan Jalibik and. And she played women from Greek life, Elena. While the Ash-Memney series continued, he along with Murat Ünalmış, Erkan Petekkaya and Yavuz Bingöl in the Gecenin's wings, directed by Serdar Akar, directed by Serdar Akar. The appearance of her breasts was widely discussed, and Beren Saatt reacted to the inclusion of these images in the trailer. Then, the film did not participate in the gala evening of the film, and the director filed a lawsuit against the Hour, as required by the contract. In 2013, the director withdrew from the trial before the end of the trial.[29][30] In 2010, Toy Story, one of the most productive products in the world, has 3 characters in Turkish. In the summer of 2010, it became the advertising side of the brand called "I Patos yer. Sales of chips produced by the brand increased by 45%. In 2011, he appeared in a commercial film about Patos. In the same year, Rexona became an advertising person.

In late 2012, he played Bushe, the daughter of Monica Bellucci, in the film Season Rhino, directed by Iranian director Bakhman Gobadi. He plays with Turkish actors such as Yilmaz Erdogan, Kaner Sindoruk and Boim Bilgin and Iranian actors such as Behruse Vujki and Arash. The first projection of the film was held at the Toronto Film Festival and released in September of that year in Turkey, which made Pixar an animated film Brave Merida a character from the Turkish singer.

2013 Kö present: Revenge, my world and the beautiful century Kösem
The hour, which he began to shoot in the Revenge series at the end of 2012, the United States accepted the offer from Turkey to play for adaptation. The screens return with revenge after a 6 month break. He took hours for a private fight for his role. He starred in a television series titled "Vengeance, Fır", which he released with his starring Mert Firat, Jigit Ozsenner, Zafer Algoz, Arzu Gamze Kilink and Engin Hepileri. He was also seen in the summer of 2013, in the title My World, the adaptation of Indian film Black.[49] Sharing the lead role with Ugur Julell in the film, Saat brought Ella Baindir her face to life. In the film, as well as players such as Ajan Bingol, Turgay Kantruk and Hazar Erghchu, as well as actor Melis Mutluk. Beren Saath played a character who was blind, deaf and stupid.[50] After his role in the film, the Web site in the United States reported on "Berne Saat" and made a statement on Saat with a "star" and wrote that his character is better than the original actor. Also in 2013, it became an advertising page for the Duru perfume gel for showering and acted in a feature film that was shot in two days.

In 2015, there will be news for the interviews with Berguzar Korel, Tuba Bujukuktun and Hazal Kaja. However, these series were rejected by Timur Savchi, the producer of the series, and it is announced that the person to play Keesam Sultan will be an unknown person. However, in June 2015, it was announced that Sayat will play Keesam Sultan. In the seventh episode, the series will be featured in the series, including Julia Avsar, Eckin Kots and Mete Khorosoglu. Set to 30th episode in the series, the second season, which will not participate in the Kozye Sultan Nurgul Yessilchei series, will be played. In July 2015, Beren Sat took part in Arcelik's commercial film with his wife, Kenan Dogulu. Kenan Dogulu sings the song he made for the announcement. In addition to the scenario in the announcement, the clock in the film set, the award ceremony and Kenan Dogulu and the home were included. Again in July 2015, the character of Scarlett Overkill in "Mines" acted in Turkish. In September, the film will be released in Turkey in East Kenan's wife in the movie Scarlett Hour Overkill Overkill inventor Herb's wife sang.

In September 2010, the adaptation of Vedat Turkali to the film scene in 1986, directed by Hilal Sarral, directed by Eze Yorchen and Melek Genchoglu, is a crime of Fatmagül. and Fatmagul Ketenci Ilgaz. Timing series of Turkey Friends' Tour Engin Akyürek's "Stars" share the lead role. In the same production he worked with such players as Sumru Yavruchuk, Musa Uzunal, Serdar Gekan and Deniz Turkali. The dramatic scene of rape in the first episode broke a series of rating scores. The series, after the first part of the rating, was one of the best starting series of recent years. The hour received psychological support with some of her co-stars before the stage of rape. The series was also a subject in parliament because of the elements of sexuality contained and campaigns for the elimination of the series began. Many members of the Federal Council of Germany gave their support in a written statement on their emphasis on women's rights.[39] After the release of the series abroad, Saat began to appear on the covers of magazines published in different countries. The Fatmagül character was transformed into a computer game through a website and published online. Clock clothes, shoes, wigs, such as wardrobe with clothes in the game, mostly played during the period of the game took place in the first place. Antalya television awards as the best drama actress in the category was nominated for the prize.

In 2008, she played with Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Selçuk Yöntem, Hazal Kaya and Nebahat Çehre in the Ash-Memn series directed by Hilal Saral and adapted from Khalid Ziya Ushaklig's eponymous work. The character of Bihter Jureoglu Ziyagil shown in this series played a great interest with the grandson of Kivanc Tatlitun, Bechul's husband lived in great affection. Although the series received intense reactions, it was the most watched production in the history of Turkish television. part of the series "Goodbye" to every four people in Turkey 3 izledi.ber hour especially in the directory "Goodbye" full remark on the part of his performance in the critics took and Bihter character tracking the achievement of the suicide that scene 73.7 "character tracking at the record breaking record. Selda Alcor, a Turkish film actress, said: "I really congratulate Beren Saat on her performance in the latest episode of the Series."[16] The series was one of the most watched RTÜK series in the period of its publication and sometimes reacted by some ministers. Beren Saat has gained an excellent reputation in the Middle East and Europe with the release of the Ash-em Memnum series abroad. After the death of Bichter's character in the final of the series, which was released on June 24, 2010, many people from social media gathered and shared many messages on the anniversary of the death of Biker's character. He also wanted to make a documentary about Beren Saat, a television station. Glory to the jury at the Istanbul competition, Turkey is a star interviewed for the documentary was taken by Alcan and detailed information about Beren Saat. In addition, at the end of 2010, the clock was most talked about as the serial player of the year in a survey conducted by the Media Monitoring Center in order to identify its players with the most popular series of the year. He was "Player of the Year" on the list of "Striking the 2010", prepared by Radikal.


Netflix was founded on August 29, 1997 in the Scottish Valley, California by Mark Randolph and Reed Hastings. Mark Randolph and Reid Hastings met while working as a marketing manager for the Clean Atrium Corporation, Reed Hastings. Randolph also founded MicroWarehouse, an e-mail client, and later a marketing vice-president at Borland International. Hastings, a computer scientist and mathematician, sold Pure Atria to Rational Software Corporation for $ 700 million in 1997, selling the highest in the history of Silicon Valley. Hastings and Randolph, while waiting for the government to approve the merger, appeared the idea of ​​Netflix.
Reed Hastings, Randolph's mother and QA founder Steve Kahn, Netflix for $ 2.5 million, received an initial investment. Randolph liked the new e-commerce company Amazon and wanted to use a similar model, but they gave up because VHS cartridges were too expensive to store, too sensitive to mail. In 1997, when they heard about DVDs sold in just a few markets, they sent a compact drive to Hastings' house in Santa Cruz and decided to use the concept of selling and renting DVDs when the disc got untouched and entered the industry with an investment of 16 billion dollars. When he began selling on April 14, 1998, he had only 30 employees and 925 DVDs.


Netflix Inc. is an American corporation involved in the production and distribution of film series. Founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Mark Randolph in California. He specialized in real-time streaming of data over the Internet and DVD distribution via video on demand. The name is derived from the word "net" in English and "flicks", which means "movies" in the spoken language of America.

Netflix's first business model was for sale and rental of a DVD. However, about a year after the company was founded, Hastings stopped selling DVDs to focus on DVD rental by mail. In 2007, Netflix expanded its business area by offering streaming media through the media. In 2010, it opened for Canada, and over time the service for data flow continued to grow. Since January 2016, Netflix has been operating in more than 190 countries.

In 2013, Netflix began producing content with its first series, House of Cards. Since then, the film and television series have rapidly increased production. In 2016, the company released 126 original series and films. This figure is more than all paid American TV channels.

As of July 2017, Netflix has 103.95 million subscribers worldwide, of which 51.92 million are in the United States.

In 2009, the number of subscribers reached 10 million.
In April 2011, it reached 23 million subscribers in the United States and 26 million subscribers worldwide, with a total digital revenue of $ 1.5 billion.
According to data for the second quarter of 2014, it has more than 50 million subscribers globally.
From data for January 2015, the number of subscribers in the United States reached 39 million, and the number of global subscribers reached 57 million. Since October of the same year, there are 70 million subscribers.
As of January 2016, the number of global subscribers reached 75 million. The total digital revenue it generates is $ 2.7 billion.
According to data from January 2017, the number of subscribers in the United States reached 50 million and more than 98 million in the world.

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