Friday , October 22 2021

We sprayed a large surgery in two months.


Treasury and finance minister Berat Albayrak, Turkey, said that there is a very broad speculative deal with the fast August. Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce (BCCI), which was held "step by step Economy" Program Speaking at Albayrak, "the trial we live in August establishing Turkey as a different from 2008 financial crisis, interest and also stood with a large inflation work. The presidential system "We have eliminated many of this process by strong and fast steps taken within 2 months thanks to fast, powerful active decision-making mechanisms by us."

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"We have brought inflation to the forefront of our battlefields from the first day of our duty," said Minister Albayrak, "We live in this process, above the levels of calculation of forecast prices that are reflected in the price, inflation has made our field more and more more importantly, it has become valid.The exchange rate is 8.5 TL. This period has passed.
Referring to the Total Initiative Initiative program, which began its reflection from the end of October, Albayrak said that the 10% lam discount campaign began in the second half of October, and the year was the month that influenced the inflation rate most in October, but it was coordinated inflation last year Ekim.

Minister Albayrak, price behavior was underlined in November and December due to the much stronger, positive results for a very clear picture. Pointing out that every improvement and positive development will continue to reflect society and citizens, Albayrak cited a reduction in gasoline prices.
Albayrak pointed out that the banking system and the private sector are other areas that are caused by exchange rate shocks and that they are also self-centered. In particular, we focus on many sectors in the banking sector as part of exchange rate effects. What are the sectors? Debts, stocks, risks, potentials take all photographs within this framework, and possible scenarios for each sector operate individually, "said Albayrak, stressing that Turkey was living stronger with the difficult period" Strong Turkey in the belief that we will achieve our ideal grows even shorter period of time, "he said.

Minister of Albayrak, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) "Step-to-Step Economy" in his speech, "the last 3 months at OHAL declared that we are still traveling, thank God that we came from this point is nice, but not enough "Albayrak, especially visits every week to continue this process with more energy and synergy said. Albayrak "next to the automotive sector and other Bursa also, that must go to the upper league, a new strategic point of positioning the economy of Turkey," he said.

"August In September, after a foreign attack in September, a new operation, our citizens do not know it very well, but economic and commercial life knows people, even on September 12, 1980, We have not lived, trade financing has been done ", said Minister Albayrak. "Guarantee letter, guarantee letter, letter of credit. "Can not open." all banks in Turkey … "None. What? Cash. Do you trade in cash? I went to the ship in three months, every six months, I arrived. Open a letter of credit, give me a letter. "No, cash." These kinds of transactions, although the exposure to this kind of blockade in the operational sense, Turkey, was also issuing, "he said.

No one will let the strong market perception disturb the positive airfield of Albayrak, "especially from outside, inside there are tongs or" It will be, "they say, explode in their hands, every word they say. We have taken serious steps to prevent problems related to liquidity in the real sector.

Albayrak, "August, September, roughly looking at the October data on the current account in the first half of the forecast of $ 40 billion towards the beginning of descent towards. By the end of the year the current balance is a much bigger surprise," he said. The new period will have completely different strategies for registering Albayrak, "There are other surprises," he said.

Minister Berat Albayrak, a member of AK Bursa, the chairman of the visit came along with the buyers. Albayrak, citizens with love for him, they made a commemorative photo.

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