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Warning Famous prophecy scared! Date of the earthquake of 8

Earthquake forecasts for the exact appearance of the earthquake as a prophet Frank Hoogerbeets, Web site and video channels of the earthquake estimates are shared. The Dutch earthquake assessor Denizli, Acıpayam, on March 20, the 5.5 earthquake occurred one week before the warning. Hoogerbeets this time warned the whole world for a much larger earthquake.

Hoogerbeets drew attention to the planetary sequences that occurred this week, and recalled that the earthquake occurred on May 6, 2016 in Papua New Guinea along Mars-Earth-Jupiter and Sun-Mercury-Venus on May 5-6. Stating the alignment of the Sun-Mercury-Venus-Neptune and Earth-Mercury-Uranus, which occurred on May 7 and 8, Hoogerbeets referred to the involvement of Mercury in these two algebras.

Hoogerbeets, who mentioned Earth-Mercury-Uranus harmonization statistics, states that since 2005, serious earthquakes have occurred since 71 percent of such sequences and many of these earthquakes are 7.5 and above.


Speaking about earthquakes caused by such a series, Hoogerbec said the earthquake measuring 9 degrees, occurred in Japan on March 9, 2011, occurred just two days after the Earth's route-Mercury-Uranus.

Hoogerbeets, which continues to explain earthquakes in a similar order, suggests that the earthquake that occurred in Afghanistan on October 26, 2015, is realized right along the Earth's surface-Mercury-Uran. One after another, Hoogerbeets highlights the risk that an earthquake of 8 or more may occur in the worst case scenario.

May 11

Hoogerbeets says the May 11 date should be well followed. Hoogerbeets, along the surface of Earth-Mercury-Uranus as a whole from the Russian region of Kamchatka, Japan, China and Indonesia in a wide space for information on the occurrence of earthquakes are transmitted. Hoogerbets claims that there are strong earthquakes in the event of planetary alignment. Hoogerbets publishes information about the impact of planetary alignment with the world's seismic activities every day.

Hoogerbeets warning also has a major earthquake that can occur, especially in eastern and southeastern Anatolia, Turkey.

John Bellini, who works at the US Geological Survey Institute, says it is not possible to predict when earthquakes will occur.


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